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Real-Estate If youre looking to buy a home in a more family-friendly neighborhood, Portland has plenty to offer. Theres Northwest Portland, which has some of the most beautiful homes for sale in Portland. Northwest Portland is a great neighborhood, but its also very urban. This area has long been one of Portlands most desired neighborhoods for various reasons. One of the biggest reasons why everyone wants to live in Northwest Portland is its convenient location to downtown. From Northwest Portland you can easily take a bus or train, ride your bike or even walk to downtown. This neighborhood is also conveniently located close to several freeways, making .muting easy. Northwest Portland features a variety of homes for sale, from well-maintained older homes to various new apartment buildings. Residents of Northwest Portland are able to enjoy a variety of eclectic shops in the area, which includes trendy shopping and great dining. The neighborhood of Northwest Portland offers both charm and character for its wide variety of residents, and the area caters to everyone from students to the upper-middle class. Laurelhurst in Northeast/Southeast Portland is one of Portland’s very first planned neighborhoods with roads slightly curved so as not to be a grid. It has really nice homes and is a little quieter than Northwest Portland, mostly because Laurelhurst is .posed of all single-family homes and no apartment .plexes. The area is considered one of Portlands more exclusive areas, with some nice but expensive homes. This .pletely residential neighborhood in Portland also boasts the beautiful Laurelhurst Park, which features a man-made lake. Sellwood in Southeast Portland is quaint, quiet neighborhood along the Willamette River and south of downtown. This neighborhood is more removed than the previous two, and has some beautiful homes for sale. The area is best known for its antique stores, which set the neighborhoods whimsical mood. Overall, the area has a peaceful feeling to it, in large part due to the old classic homes found there. Although Sellwood isnt one of the trendiest places to live in Portland, it is a perfect neighborhood for the homebuyer who is looking for a tranquil neighborhood to live. A few miles from downtown is Beaumont-Wilshire, which is a slightly more conservative neighborhood that offers some posh, classic Portland homes. This neighborhood is located in between the close-in urban neighborhoods and the less desirable outer-82nd Avenue neighborhoods. Beaumont-Wilshire is a little more conservative than the other neighborhoods that cater to young residents. It has some very luxurious homes but, like most other Portland neighborhoods, some of the homes are smaller and more modest than others. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: