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Exposure of Twilight female to marry his girlfriend beach wedding planning successful Twilight female exposure to successfully marry his girlfriend Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, Hollywood actress Kristen Jay Stewart (Kristen Stewart) – Metz on July in the magazine in an exclusive interview, generous recognition of Lee Alicia Kajir and the former (Alicia Cargile) to help in a relationship, and the day before it came out that she wanted to get married, and marry successful, two people are ready to get married. According to the "Hollywood Life" report, Kristen Jay Stewart mays day prior to his girlfriend to marry him, and promised, while the other has moved into her residence in Losangeles, officially launched the cohabitation. It is reported that 2 people plan to hold a wedding at the beach, but also hope to wear the same brand of white wedding dress and suit. Kristen Jay – mace Stewart’s love life has been whirling, earlier in the film "Twilight" series of films, Rob Pi Dean Sen and actor (Robert Pattinson) came to her cheating a false thing becomes true, and soon married director, March has been photographed hot Kiss Singer Soko, a few degrees in public close interaction, but broke up in finally in July May the lightning, love former assistant Alicia, and now that 2 people will get married, so many fans are happy for them. (commissioning editor: Lolo)相关的主题文章: