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Computers-and-Technology Many portal products are starting to emerge, with a demand for bigger data storage within computer networks. If you had similar problems, you know that in your network, data can regenerate at high speed. It is hard for your system to take newer data that is approaching fast after a short period of time. When it gets very tough, your net friends are here to help you. Portal products have helped the web business people to resolve the issue. SharePoint is a portal that acts as the data storage extender for intranets. SharePoint is the first portal application that Microsoft created. In the beginning, it was called Digital Dashboard, and after some time went by and after it got some updates, the name was changed to SharePoint. While it was under the old name, this portal application invented the idea of web parts, which are made of boxes of data sitting on a page that is composed of a summary of data. These boxes are usually described as portlets. With portlets, network users can personalize and customize the visual aspects of a portal, without having to ruin the data storage capacity. SharePoint gives you a chance to assemble various parts on a single page, so that your users can enjoy the freedom to change the looks of your page according to their own perspective. This way, each user can make their unique and customized view of your web page containing their profile and personal data. Your network users can have a different outlook of your page, even if they have a similar URL. The old Digital Dashboard was unable to satisfy the users and the network administrator. With SharePoint, more people can contribute to a single worksheet, even if they reside at different locations. That’s how the name SharePoint Team services developed. If you are interested in putting SharePoint to the test, give Andy a call at: 925-518-9186. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: