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Encounter: Zhengning why there is so delicious apple – Sohu tourism due to the Ziwuling edge, small environment, humid climate, natural vegetation, plateau surface soil to deep soil, loessial soil, high organic content, no pollution in industrial and mining enterprises, the production of fruit products to a large, bright color famous and delicious. Gansu is known as "apple," Gansu honey crisp sweet embellish, smell fragrant. 1, apple is planting has a long history. Twenty-eight years of Qianlong (1763) compilation of the "Zhengning county" records was planted with "Apple pineapple fruit", and according to the thorough research, the so-called "Apple pineapple fruit" or "Pinpo fruit", "sterculic fruit", which is apple. 2, apple orchard area reached 210 thousand acres, annual output reached 130 thousand kg, mainly in the red Fuji Zhengning apple. 3, the region: the Northwest Loess Plateau has 7 meteorological indicators in line with apple growth, is recognized as the world’s largest apple eugenics. Which is county, and is the best in the region with eugenics. 2, climate: where the average elevation of 1460 meters, the average temperature of 8.3 degrees, annual rainfall of 630 mm, frost free period of 180 days. 3, mainly for loessial soil, deep soil, high organic matter content. In the county and the surrounding area, no industrial zone, the non metal mine, there is no air, soil and water pollution, atmospheric environmental quality, water quality and soil quality are in line with the green pollution-free fruit production standards. 4, the high sugar content of apple: hectogram sugar in grams for more than 16, bees are rushing to eat honey bees are rushing to eat ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ candy heart 5, authoritative media reports: CCTV-7, interview, ~ 6 of the electricity supplier giant strong competition for local Apple business: a "Zhengning apple" the battle of. Let us come together because of the happiness of food, taste the food together, to share with the recommendations of the food experience, and so on, join it! Please pay more attention to the characteristics of food: WeChat public number: Feng Lok QQ exchange group: 436476019 (Beijing group)相关的主题文章: