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Dunhuang Research Institute of Microsoft R & D Mogao Grottoes "intelligent guide" – Beijing, China News Agency, Lanzhou (reporter Feng Zhijun) in September 14, this year’s Mid Autumn Festival holiday, by Microsoft and Dunhuang Research Institute of cooperation in the development of a "smart Mogao Grottoes commentator" will meet with the audience. Embedded in the phone WeChat intelligent dialogue system, will interact with the people in the conversation, accurate answers to questions about Dunhuang culture, history, tourism, academic research, etc.. Dunhuang Research Institute of 14 disclosure, the "Dunhuang wheatgrass" intelligent guide ", with the help of precious data provided by Dunhuang Research Institute and the fourth generation of Microsoft wheatgrass business platform combines, can in a very short period of time, quickly from a large number of professional data learning related knowledge. It makes the artificial intelligence technology across the field constraints, gradually into the field of cultural heritage protection. Do you know the history of Mogao Grottoes? How many caves in Mogao Grottoes? At the king round?…… The reporter found out, users can not only through dialogue with wheatgrass, intuitive feel have a little knowledge of Dunhuang Raiders assistant and instructors can also get intimate service experience, such as "Dunhuang what delicious snacks?" Crescent Spring tickets and other issues related to Dunhuang. Dunhuang Research Institute said that this industry-leading technology, let the wheatgrass in fast learning on the Internet thousands of Dunhuang culture related and thousands of pages of Dunhuang "Dunhuang Studies Monograph dictionary", has been transformed for 24 hours online Dunhuang experts. The latest data show that Microsoft wheatgrass can help people understand at least 2 million ancient and mysterious Mogao Grottoes Buddhist art. In fact, Microsoft and the Dunhuang Institute of cooperation in the field of digital has a long history. As early as 2011, Microsoft Asia Research Institute for Dunhuang Institute of customized and donated one billion pixel digital camera system "flying", the digital archives cave to achieve a unified space complete plastic paint. Dunhuang Research Institute of Dunhuang, Mogao Grottoes is the cultural and artistic treasures, rare in the world, but for a long time, this one is located in the northwest of China gem faced the problem of continuing threat of natural disasters and man-made destruction serious protection. With the continuous progress of modern science and technology to protect and heritage of this precious cultural heritage, Mogao Grottoes is the protection of management for many years to continue to explore ways. (end)相关的主题文章: