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The eleven day double spam messages nearly two hundred million? 106 segment Firepower – Sohu technology Texun November 15th news: once a year is not only the double eleven shopping Carnival are prime time hand chop family, is also a major business network marketing activities of the "ShowTime", a variety of marketing messages is overwhelming. 360 according to the latest release of "2016 ten a Chinese online shopping safety special report" shows that in November 10th, the number of spam messages intercepted Mobile Phone Guardian 360 day up to 197 million times, set a record in the spam messages section 106 of the commercial service number issued by the highest proportion. The report shows that from November 1st to November 11th, 360 mobile guards on average every day for the user to intercept all types of spam messages 90 million 110 thousand, which reached the peak in November 10th. From the sending number, 83% of spam messages from the beginning of the business service number issued from the 106, the number has long been an important channel for sending spam messages. In addition, the operator is not willing to let go of eleven this marketing opportunity, and the second is from the operator’s customer service number 100XX issued out of the. Through 955XX and mobile phone number issued by the spam messages accounted for a very small, both in 1%. Figure 1: analysis in 2016 eleven during the double source of spam messages sent by spam messages intercepted for further analysis of the identity of the sender can be reached, the e-commerce platform and shop is mainly the sender of spam messages, operators are followed. It is particularly worth mentioning is that the double eleven is not just electricity supplier carnival, a lot of physical stores are also in the fun of double eleven, sent by the entity shop spam messages are the source of the top third. The data also show that during the two eleven guards 360 mobile guards daily average amount of fraud intercepted SMS, compared to the average value of the third quarter has more than doubled. According to 360 security experts said that the majority of users are clicking on the short message in the fraud SMS, jump to a Trojan file containing the download address, after the installation of the Trojan program leads to information stolen. In the face of such links, consumers need to be vigilant, try not to click to avoid poisoning. At the same time, you can also install 360 mobile guards and other security management software, spam messages and fraud messages to identify and intercept. [source: Internet] [] commissioning editor: Zhang Yanping相关的主题文章: