Don’t take confinement seriously, get good life. – mother of Sohu

Don’t take confinement seriously, get good life. – Sohu of Chinese maternal women, has been put in confinement as a life of the most important things, this is a scientific conclusion drawn from the Chinese physical and clinical medicine above. As for women, children spend a lot of energy and strength of the things, if not better after production will keep body, then the body health is buried under serious health risks. In the Chinese women during confinement of older people will always be told in the ear, do not eat cold things, don’t wash your hair, don’t catch a cold wind, don’t get out of bed, must keep a good month, otherwise life makes you feel restless leg pain. With the increasing popularity of knowledge can be continued, now the science of confinement has become increasingly popular, although unlike the older generation said, but the body nursed back to health during the month can be the same can not be sloppy. During confinement physical conditioning work includes the following aspects: the first is the scientific diet, blood tonic on women in the production process of the lost, such as high protein of chicken, fish, milk and so on are good choices, the food should be fresh and to loose soft pulpy as well. The second is in during the month must pay attention to the health of reproductive organs, in the postpartum 60 days no sex couples. In addition, during confinement maternal should have reasonable living habits, do not stay up late, must have sufficient sleep time. And the indoor temperature can not be too cold, should be kept at room temperature 20 degrees look for the best, but the room cannot avoid the cold wind convection. Finally, another important point is that mothers need regular exercise, can be appropriate to walk out of bed, which help the body of lochia faster out of the body, is conducive to the recovery of uterine physiological organ function.相关的主题文章: