Domestic Benz e class car spy will launch a car — in 2001 sopor aeternus

Domestic Benz E class car spy   will launch a car — in Beijing on 31 August, (E Zhichao) recently, the media exposure of a group of Beijing Benz E level long wheelbase models three car spy, respectively E 180 L, E 200 and L 4MATIC E 320 L. Three new cars are expected to be officially listed this year. From the spy photos of view, three new models will be used with the currently available E 200 L and E 300 L models consistent appearance, the biggest difference lies in the different power system. Among them, E 180 L is equipped with 1.6T engine, maximum power of 156 horsepower E 200; L 4MATIC is equipped with a low power version of the 2.0T engine, maximum power of 184 horsepower; E 320 L is equipped with a low power version of the 3.0T V6 engine, maximum power of 272 horsepower. (source: – car home) is currently listed on the E 200 L E and 300 L respectively with 2.0T low power and high power 2.0T engine, maximum output power of 184 horsepower and 245 horsepower, and matching the 9 speed automatic transmission. Comments: from these new models, the domestic long wheelbase version of the Mercedes Benz E class car will usher in more dynamic configuration, consumers will get a richer choice of models. Among them, E 180 L will play the role of the introduction of the car pulled down the price of the car model, while the E 320 L will be the high-end products in the car system. (Qin Han, Tu: commissioning editor Dou Ming)相关的主题文章: