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Children’s knowledge of dental health – health Sohu everyone’s life has two pairs of teeth is a pair of baby teeth, the other is a pair of permanent teeth. A total of 20 teeth, which is about two and a half in early childhood all the adorable. Deciduous teeth lasted for a long time, the child is almost throughout the growth period, if there are problems in the children’s teeth when without timely treatment, will not only affect the children’s digestion; also affect the root tip following the development of permanent tooth germ. Therefore, we should do a good job of dental care in early childhood. The children’s dental care and regular check children’s dental care to regularly check the teeth, timely treatment of dental disease. In general, every six months can bring the child to the hospital, check to see if there is no tooth growth disorder, there is no decay, and timely correction. To choose a suitable age for children, in line with the requirements of health care toothbrush. The children’s dental care to develop a good habit of children to do dental care, children from the start to develop a good habit of tooth brushing, mouthwash. But also to monitor the child can not let the children develop a habit of eating, eating clothes or bite the lips and other bad habits, in order to prevent the meshing relationship disorder, affecting the teeth of neat. Young children generally like to eat sweets, breast-feeding is mainly based on sweets. Sugars and carbohydrates are most likely to be damaged by lactic acid bacteria in the oral cavity. In order to prevent acid damage, we should form the habit of brushing their teeth after meals or gargle. Before you go to bed and try not to give the children to eat, if you have to eat or brushing teeth should be. The children’s dental care to choose the right toothbrush bristles to end 1 hair smooth, soft and elastic, it will not damage the teeth, and can play the function of massaging the gums. It is best to choose the toothbrush with good health care. 2 brush head to choose a small point, is conducive to the flexible rotation of the toothbrush in the mouth, so as to be able to brush the teeth of each surface, and easy to brush the last tooth. The provisions of China’s health toothbrush standards for children’s toothbrush brush head hair bundle is not more than 3 rows, the length of not more than 25 mm, the width is not more than 8 mm. 3 to do a good job of toothbrush protection, each person should have their own dedicated mouthwash cup and toothbrush to avoid cross infection. After brushing teeth, the toothbrush should be thoroughly cleaned, the brush head is placed in the cup, and the inverted or placed in a closed set. If the brush has been forked or bent, to be replaced in a timely manner, in order to prevent the bifurcation of the bristles hurt the gums. General toothbrush use 2-3 months should replace the new.   相关的主题文章: