Deep room for the resumption of the resumption of the introduction of Hengda 30 billion war cast pav lformat

Shenshenfang postponed resumption of Hengda introduced 30 billion war vote to pave the way for hot column capital flows thousands thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries as you earn take can make you my original title: shenshenfang extension for the resumption of the introduction of the 30 billion Hengda war vote pave the way for the Securities Times reporter Yu Dejiang shenshenfang A (000029) October 13th evening announcement, the company originally planned to disclose major asset restructuring plan or report before October 14th, but because of the restructuring plan still needs further consultation, determine and perfect, the company is applying to stock suspension, and is expected to continue the suspension of time not exceeding 1 months. Prior to October 3rd, shenshenfang, Shenzhen Investment Holdings (shenshenfang controlling shareholders), Hengda Real estate, Kchibo real estate (Hengda Real Estate Holdings shareholders) signed a "cooperation agreement" on the reorganization, shenshenfang to issue A shares or shares and pay cash to buy 100% stake in Hengda Real estate. After the completion of the transaction, Kchibo home will become the controlling shareholder of the deep room. The resumption of the resumption is also expected, Hengda Real estate is huge, deep into the housing involved a lot of matters, the short term is not easy to come up with a detailed restructuring plan. However, the extension of the room may be delayed resumption of the reorganization of listed cooperation agreement in another agreement: before the formal agreement signed, Hengda Real estate can introduce a total amount of about 30 billion yuan of strategic investors. Currently, Hengda Real estate should be planning such matters. This arrangement is far-reaching, Hengda intends to introduce the war to avoid the restructuring of listed? Hengda Real Estate in asset size, operating income and other aspects is much larger than the amount of shenshenfang, if only to a single shareholder of Kchibo home buyers to purchase 100% of its shares, while Kchibo home will also become shenshenfang’s controlling shareholder, is bound to trigger reorganization. If before the transaction, Hengda Real estate to introduce other strategic investors, dilute the proportion of Kchibo home ownership, it is possible to circumvent the restructuring of the listing, the audit level to get a relatively broad treatment. The trigger conditions necessary restructuring and listing, relevant indicators of this part of the listed company to buy assets related to the offeror and its people, such as net assets, operating income and other indicators, more than 100% listed companies in the corresponding index, and the control of listed companies change. Cooperation agreement has been stated, after the completion of the transaction, Kchibo home will become the controlling shareholder of the deep room, deep room for change. That is to say, if you want to avoid the backdoor, will be in the Kchibo home stake in Hengda Real Estate on the related index of the corresponding assets after the dilution control of listed companies under the corresponding index, will avoid the reorganization. This design is not difficult to achieve, can refer to the acquisition of Tibet tourism lakala restructuring plan etc.. But on the other hand, avoid the backdoor acquisition of the subject qualification case because the IPO can not reach the standard in the past, will not be approved directly backdoor. At the audit level, the backdoor listing is equivalent to IPO, the underlying conditions are required to meet the relevant standards. In June 17th this year, the reorganization of the new regulations on open相关的主题文章: