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Travel-and-Leisure Cradled in the lap of Kanchan Junga, Darjeeling the small hill town is the most beautiful hill station of India. Popularly known as the Land of Thunderbolt this beautiful hill station is visited by tourists from all over the world. No Doubt Darjeeling hill station is the best place for nature lovers, travelers, vacationers and honeymoon couples. Every year from the month of April to June and September to December tourists flock in this beautiful hill station to enjoy holidays in splendor. With sprawling tea gardens, fruits orchards, cardamom plantation, exotic natural beauty, undulating slopes, exotic flora and fauna and Breathtaking scenery, Darjeeling never fails to lure visitors. Visit once and it is sure you will fall in love with its breathtaking scenery and the lovely weather condition of this beautiful hill station of India, Darjeeling. Darjeeling is also famously known as Queen of Hill stations’. There are myriad captivating tourists’ attractions that are worth visiting and exploring being in this small hill town. Some of the famous destinations to visit in this Hill station are: The Mall: The beautiful surrounding of mall road never fails to tempt visitors. It is the most famous tourists’ attraction Darjeeling. Visitors .ing here never fail to take a delightful walk along the mall road that gives the view of the beautiful surrounding and snow capped Kanchan Junga. Every year during the month of April and December program is organized by the DGHC in The Mall to give a warm wel.e to tourists .ing to visit Darjeeling. The mall is also famous for some of the well known shops that sell antiquities, Darjeeling shawls and more of all Darjeeling Tea. Himalayan Mountaineering Institute (HMI): It is the oldest mountaineering Institute in the country established by Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru in the name of Tenzing Sherpa Norgay. He was the first two individual to climb the summit of Mount Everest. The museum which displays the tools and articles used by Tenzing Norgay Sherpa is must to see for tourists .ing in Darjeeling. Shingamari Ropeway: Situated just 100 mtrs away from North Point School, it is the oldest passenger ropeway that connects Singla Bazaar and Darjeeling. Visitors .ing to Darjeeling enjoy the thrilling ropeway tour to see the scenic natural beauty and the sprawling tea gardens from the height of 300-400 mtrs above. You will get awe struck once the chair starts moving slowly down to the Singla Bazaar. Enjoy the thrilling but memorable Shingamari ropeway tour and make the memories to cherish your Darjeeling tours for lifetime. Zoological Park (Darjeeling Zoo): Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park or the Darjeeling Zoo is the home of various wildlife species. It is the new home of Siberian Tigers, Red Panda, Tibetan Barking wolf, Himalayan Pheasants (Kallis), Himalayan Deer, etc. Nearby the zoo there is a famous Snow Leopard breeding centre. Take a delightful walk for the mall road to the zoo which is just 2kms away from the mall road or the center of the Darjeeling. Mahakal Dara Temple: It is the famous temple of Darjeeling and the local people believe that it is because of the Temple peace and prosperity is always at its full bloom in Darjeeling. Every day local people go to the temple and offer prayer at the shrine of Mahakal Baba. You will also catch the sight of monkey playing tricks but be little careful with the monkey while visiting the temple. These are some of the tourists’ attractions in Darjeeling. There are lots more enchanting attractions of tourists in this hill station. Some of the nearby attractions of Darjeeling Hill station are Tiger Hill, Batasia Loop, Gangamaiya Park, Rock Garden, Happy Valley Tea Estate, Ava Art Gallery, Japanese Temple( Japanese Peace Pagoda), Dhir Dham Temple, Mirik Lake, etc. Book any package tours to Darjeeling and explore these enchanting tourists’ attractions of this beautiful hill station Darjeeling- the Queen Hill Stations’. Visit this hill station once and you will love to .e time and again to explore its scintillating natural beauty and captivating attractions. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: