Crack repair method of regular maintenance of long life googims

The method of repairing the cracks of floor tile has a long service life. After a period of time, there will be a lot of problems, and some problems are inevitable. If the cracks in the floor tiles how to repair it? The following Xiaobian to introduce you to the floor cracks repair methods and daily maintenance and cleaning skills. Floor tile crack repair method should be regularly maintained clean (picture from the network)? Floor tile crack repair method? If the tiles are not expensive, or decoration is still the rest of the brick, it is better to change directly. Be careful when you cut the brick, suggest that the professional workers, and then stick a piece of the same brick, so the effect is better. ?? Home decoration or usually a heart does not knock broken tile surface with a hard object how to do? How to repair the tiles? If it is too much trouble for a tile directly, it may not be able to find the same piece of tile, even if the color is close, it may be more difficult to change. How to make the repaired color similar to the original, wear-resisting, long time will not black. ?? Can use marble glue to add curing agent, and close to the color toner transfer. Fill in the vacancy on the porcelain surface. You can also use porcelain cleaning cream, often used as a sealant, a variety of colors can be modulated. But you have to accept that it is almost impossible to make a perfect remedy. There is a friend suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder. For many people, a house is likely to be renovated for more than a decade or even decades, the proportion of floor tiles accounted for a larger family decoration. In order to avoid all sorts of problems appear Konggu off after paving, or in the pre paving preparation, selection of materials, to find the master, do check erroneous ideas at the outset. Of course, the surface of the ceramic tile for a long time and often exposed to hard objects, surface dirty, wear and tear is a common thing, encountered, timely repair also come. ?? General home tiles every few days to clean once, not because of the long-term will make the floor clean dirt more, especially with children in the home, the floor clean is clean and not homely food, tile not what skills, if mastered cleaning techniques, so regardless of any furniture the maintenance is an easy job to do. ?? Tile cleaning techniques?? 1, daily cleaning and mopping the floor, try to use dry mop instead of wet mop, local dirty or stains, available household cleaning agents such as detergent, detergent and other cleaning. If the wet drag, after the end of the dry mop, and open the doors and windows to ventilate the ground quickly dry. ?? 2, with mixed liquid soap or a tile cleaning ammonia and turpentine, can make the tile more bright and clean. 3, the gap between the tiles can be cleaned with detergent, and then brush with a brush in the gap to prevent the growth of mold. 4, a slight scratch treatment: with toothpaste into the scratches around, with a soft dry cloth repeatedly wipe, and then coated with a small amount of floor wax, dry with a dry cloth can be polished as bright as new. Serious injury please find professionals to repair. ?? 5, regular tile waxing, achieve long-term protective effect, time is 2-3 once a month. In normal life, we must do a regular maintenance of the floor tiles, so that it will not be easy problems. The above is the repair method and daily maintenance of floor cracks-相关的主题文章: