Coin money from a dime worth a thousand dollars mkdv-02

Thousand Yuan said coins investment recently from a dime, you have not been a "corner" chrysanthemum present value of 1000 yuan this message scraper? If so, you may find these farms even carry off all that one has now also rejected the coin? A few days ago, I went to the community of small farms to buy food, this is what I know is one of the few still find a dime store. That day, after buying the food, the boss change, then pulls out a dime, fast in my hand on the back, this is not said to you, that is the value of 1000 yuan! Then, she did not have a dime, so cruel, put my hand on the two "orchid angle" coin to back, gave me a five dime. In such a "hands", the boss in order to keep the "chrysanthemum corner" coins to pay me money triangle. But obviously, the boss of the value of 1000 yuan in the idea, the triangle is really not what money. So, the thumb of the boss is not really worth 1000 yuan? At least from now on, her chrysanthemum is not worth a thousand dollars, but still only a dime. A few days ago, I went to a collection of coins. The conclusion is that we are now able to find a corner of the chrysanthemum, generally do not have the value of collection. The store owner said that in the collection of valuable coins, are generally new sets of. Single issue unless the issue is particularly low, and now the product is particularly good, coupled with a long time to withdraw from circulation in the field, there is enough value for collection. "The corner" chrysanthemum full set of 10 medals, issued from 1991 to 2000, the people’s Bank of China recently announced that the Bank of this coin only does not pay, so this coin is believed to have a certain value for collection. In fact, these 10 coins, issued in 2000, chrysanthemum corner in the market almost no circulation, so it seems more valuable, worth thousands of dollars is probably from here to say. Ordinary year "chrysanthemum corner" because of the huge amount of issuance, and is currently still in circulation, the collection value is not reflected, so now just find a "chrysanthemum corner" that the value of 1000 yuan, it is only ziyuzile, the market does not accept this price. As for a few years later, these ordinary chrysanthemum corner will not be worth 1000 yuan, it is still too early to draw conclusions. But from other areas of circulation has been withdrawn from the ordinary coins, in order to raise the price to 10 thousand times the value, the difficulty is quite large. Even in current have scrambled to millions of yuan a first set of RMB, it also need a full set of goods with good collection, most of the products are generally the first single set of RMB, still not worth much money. So, what are the coins on the market more valuable? According to the owner introduced, coin collection market "five golden flowers" and "four little dragons" the hottest. "Five golden flowers" refers to the 1 quarter of 1981, the 2 quarter of 1980, 5 quarter 1979, 1980, 1981, now each worth has high reported相关的主题文章: