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The money market in August 31st set currency view media sources: China coin collection online G20 gold and silver hot market prices continue to decline slightly gold   price information: International Spot gold on Wednesday (August 31st) Asian city in early trading around $1312. Tuesday (August 30th) by the US consumer confidence data better than expected, and the Fed vice chairman Fisher had strengthened the hawkish rhetoric, boost the dollar index rose to a three week high, the price of gold fell under pressure of nearly 1%, and refresh $1309.38 an ounce six week low. Now the focus of market attention has turned to the August non farm payrolls data in, but before that, the gold market will also experience a small non farm, as well as a number of Federal Reserve officials speech baptism. The G20 summit as commemorative gold and silver market recently shine varieties, the market turnover is extremely hot, price volatility, the transaction price was high to the top of 6000 yuan, net currency price is today taking down a certain extent, in the range of 5500-5700 with transaction intensive. G20 single silver today network offer concussion in the range of 1150-1450 yuan, the spot number of buying, trading is very active. Tang Xianzu gold and silver market is relatively weak, yesterday has fallen below the issue price, today gold quotes continue to consolidation in the range of 4050-4200 low, single silver price in the range of 680-750, buying trading is weak, can see. The cat Federation plus the word will be released tomorrow, but today the market has been the emergence of a large number of spot plate, continue today offer in the range of 3700-3750, the single silver in the vicinity of 530, buy a relatively general disk. Shenyang 120 anniversary of the panda plus word gold and silver coins offer down to 3580-3680 range, a single silver in the vicinity of the two, the addition of the new word cat market attention is significantly less than other new products. Due to the recent large number of new products available, Dazu carved stone and auspicious culture series of attention as before, the market continues to slump. Dazu gold / silver continues to hover at around 3700-3800, the single silver quotes in the vicinity of 630, the volume is small. Silver price in the range of 12600-13000 kg, 150 grams of gold at 102000-1050002016 auspicious culture series Daquan gold and silver coins offer no change, today a full set of gold and silver with the offer in 14600-14800 yuan, a full set of the same number of silver coins near 2300-2500 yuan. Gold and silver prices and May there be surpluses every year. descendants flourish has remained in the range of 3450-3480, the single silver coins were in 580-600 and 580 nearby. Concentric Bingdi today offer near 3950-4000, single silver 700-750, five arch Shou offer slightly adjusted to the range of 3800-3950, single silver at 580, the volume can not. The panda coins, 16 sets of annuity cat today in the vicinity of 16450 yuan, 30 grams of silver cat was still in the vicinity of the 154.5-155 small transactions, the market is relatively steady, 30 grams, 15 grams, 8 grams of gold price fluctuation with the cat on the 8600, 4330 and 2320.相关的主题文章: