Christy Chung, Zhang Lun huge wedding mermaid princess married the third time finally put on the wed

Christy Chung, Zhang Lun huge wedding mermaid princess married the third time finally put on the wedding Intro: on November 8th, a difference of 12 years old Christy Chung and Zhang Lunshuo’s wedding in Beijing. Christy Chung Zhang Lunshuo and three daughters, Bridesmaid Wedding photo of two people because of the reality show "love" together, imaginary lovers finally really go together originally. Christy Chung is 46 years older than Zhang Lunshuo, but she has never given up the pursuit of love, even if she had had a failed marriage of the past two times, but she was never more than 12 years old. Christy Chung Zhang Lunshuo was the 2008 Mr. International Finals runner up, certainly did not have to pick shape conditions. But when asked why he likes Christy Chung, Zhang Lunshuo says, Christy Chung is super dynamic and can feel relaxed. Zhang Lunshuo if you have been concerned about the life of Christy Chung, you will find that the 46 year old woman has always maintained a fascinating vitality of sexy, she said his mental age is always the age of 22. So when you encounter a small 12 year old than their pursuers, will still be brave to accept! Marry is even after a successful courtship, Christy Chung is still micro-blog joked that "as long as well, maybe your husband in the college entrance examination." The persistent pursuit of love, although Christy Chung has been married for the third time, but this is the first time to wear a wedding dress for the first time, Christy Chung! Failed marriage does not defeat the single mother, Christy Chung is still positive for the happiness, wearing the most beautiful wedding ~ Christy Chung wedding Christy Chung because of the movie "mermaid legend" as sex goddess, design the wedding dress to fit the classic image of Christy Chung, designer Peng Jing on thousands of SWAROVSKI to make wedding mosaic Christy Chung feels like a real princess mermaid. Details of the manuscript has been married two times Christy Chung has been raising a single daughter of a single mother, so in addition to the conquest of the need to get rid of the additional questions, she also needs to get rid of these additional questions, the first one is to be able to get rid of the need for these three additional questions, in addition to the need to get rid of the need to get rid of these three additional questions! With the play, go out to hold the daughters of Zhang Lunshuo and Christy Chung are daily. In fact, Zhang Lunshuo and koala with two age gap, most people are not optimistic, some people think is just a show. But when Zhang Lunshuo took Christy Chung’s little girl koala, where daddy went, the man who loved her and her daughters with all her heart was accepted by more and more people in the world, and that was the only thing that was going to happen to her. Zhang Lunshuo and the koala show, with Zhang Lunshuo Christy Chung’s daughter live together, your care and care. Tired from the back, to cover the quilt all night face brush. Zhang Lunshuo everywhere is a concern for Dad ~ Although koalas on the surface of Zhang Lunshuo is not particularly affectionate enthusiasm, but the heart is recognized by Zhang Lunshuo. After all, Zhang Lunshuo has two daughters Christy Chung in the heart is full of advantages ~ in fact Zhang Lunshuo believes: "as long as you pay the true feelings of the children, they will have a very sincere feelings to you, do not have much relationship with blood." The worldly criteria may not be able to predict your future and happiness, only their own efforts to win, brave is the only proper course to take the pursuit of happiness!相关的主题文章: