China’s blind football team played even 4 people break the technology Messi have to wear-winpm

Chinese blind soccer team play even 4 people to break this technology Messi had to take the break to celebrate China Phoenix sports news Beijing on September 10th news, Rio man five man football team, China opener 1-0 victory over Spain, made a good start. The game’s only goal is very exciting, China players even had 4 staged solo checkpoints, let people see the blind football charm. A single pass China blind soccer team in 2006 to build the team, won the 2008 Beijing Paralympic Games runner up, 2012 was the fifth Paralympic Games in london. In Asia, the Chinese blind soccer team has the strength to win the championship many times. Therefore, the blind men, was friends known as the most respected Chinese football team. The Rio Paralympic Games, the Chinese team with Argentina, Spain and Mexico in a group, the first game, the Chinese team in the face of the Spanish team to occupy an absolute advantage, shooting 26-3, shooting positive 6-1, the ball rate of 56%-44%. Forty-third minutes of the game, Chinese team completed a wonderful solo run No. 9 player team, China right in a row of 4 players after the break Spain tongshe break, it is with this goal, Chinese team beat Spain 1-0. Messi help the Spanish team is worth mentioning that, in order to help the Paralympic Games, Barcelona superstar Messi and his 4 teammates, before the Spanish men’s football team with the 5 men made a special competition. When Messi and his teammates are wearing goggles, they have no sense of direction dribble when suddenly, a penalty shootout, Barcelona player only Messi penalty into the penalty. See the excellent technology China blind soccer team that blindfolded Messi may also have to take. (Ai Ma)相关的主题文章: