China formula century architectural heritage list released Shaanxi four buildings selected –

"China century architectural heritage list released" formula   Shaanxi four buildings — Sichuan — selected channel original title: "Chinese architectural heritage" list released four century formula Shaanxi building was selected in September 29th, "100 tribute classic building: the first China twentieth Century architectural heritage project release and Chinese twentieth Century Architecture Symposium held in the Imperial Palace Museum Bao Yun lou. This meeting, China, Chinese Architectural Institute of cultural relics Institute jointly issued 98 "first China twentieth Century architectural heritage in Shaanxi, among them, 4 were selected, the Shaanxi Museum of history, the people of Xi’an building, Xi’an people’s Theatre and Yanan revolutionary site. It is understood that this event sponsored by the society of cultural relics, Chinese China Architectural Society, Zhang Jinqiu, Liu Jing? Etc. construction and design master and from the national cultural circle, cultural circle and city construction industry, publishing and media experts and scholars, twentieth Century building heritage unit representatives, institutions of higher education and a total of more than 200 people attended the meeting. "Since 2014 5 after twentieth Century China cultural relics Institute of Architectural Heritage Committee of the 97 leading members of the expert advisory recommendation, rigorous checks in the supervision of Beijing founder notary office, after strict evaluation, the final process, finally in August 27, 2015 the" first Chinese twentieth Century architectural heritage project ", a total of 98." Chinese cultural relics society, the Imperial Palace museum director Dan Jixiang said: "read the excellent Chinese twentieth Century construction, and then think about them among society, economy and culture as well as the interaction between engineering and technology, draw rich nutrition from a source of wisdom, contemporary and future generations of rational thinking. Cultural heritage is a life, this life is full of stories, and in twentieth Century the heritage is carrying the vivid story, with the passage of time, the story becomes history, history becomes culture, permanently retained in people’s minds." The selected "first China twentieth Century architectural heritage of the Shaanxi Museum of history of the monument, the main building from the pool hall, in the southeast corner of the southwest, and turrets, temporary exhibition hall, administrative buildings, business premises and a group of Tang style buildings. The museum building fully reflects the design master Zhang Jinqiu "reached the international level in technology, design the architecture become the symbol of a long history and splendid culture, highlights the Tang Dynasty style, reflect the style of Tang Dynasty Great glorious era. (reporter Yan Intern Liu Yang (?) commissioning editor Luo Juan and Gao Hongxia)相关的主题文章: