Chicago White Sox Tickets And A Day At U.s. Cellular

Fitness-Equipment In the great American past time sport, many teams have had their fair share of ups in downs throughout its history and the Chicago White Sox are no strangers to any of it. The Chicago White Sox, aptly name after the players white stockings worn in the game, came into the Major League ready & raring to go as Western League champions. It made them a force to be reckoned with. Their good pitching collective helped them to top out at 83-53 as first place champs in the American League in 1901. The following year would prove to be not their best as they slid into fourth place and then again plummeting further down to seventh in 1903. As the years rolled by and the team name was chopped to White Sox and the team would go on to rise again to gain the coveted third place slot. During 1905-06 though their team’s pitchers remained strong in the effort to hold hitters at bay in the American League it wouldn’t help them get to the World Series as the Philadelphia Athletics knock them into second place with two games behind. On top of this they picked up an unsavory nickname by local newspapers, "The Hitless Wonders" with just seven seasonal home runs. Despite this their pitching game continued to dominate and earned them a Pennant and while gaining a trip to their first ever World Series, all the failure & triumph would be over-shadowed on account of Chicago’s other team, The Chicago Cubs having a great regular season that ultimately brought them also to the Series that would start a inner city rivalry that continues to be played out within the regular season from 1906 until today. In this first cross town World Series pitting the Southside against the Westside, it was a site to behold as both Chi-town teams battled it out. Traveling back in forth from stadium to stadium until the underdog team of the White Sox eventually won the series; scoring 8-3 and securing 4 games to the Cub’s 2. The history books hold the accounts but the action experienced is still alive today. More twist in turns would come and go in the life of this hitless team many years down the line, including the new stadium, the Sox and New York Giants European tour attend by the British Royal Family in 1913, the contract purchasing of Shoeless Joe Jackson and the 1931 death of the teams owner Charles Comiskey. In 1933 with Chicago hosting the World’s Fair that year, it also gave birth to the All-Star game concept where Babe Ruth clocked the only home run thus become a annual event as league battled league. In 2008, the Sox returned to the World Series some 88years later, beating the Los Angeles Angels. U.S. Cellular Field has been home to the Sox since opening in 1991. Formerly known as Comiskey Park, it is affectionately sometimes referred to as "The Cell". Located at 333 West 35th Street in Chicago, Illinois, the surface is Bluegrass and the venue is currently owned by the Illinois Sports Facilities Authority. Renovations over the years of 2001 to 2006 have increased seating capacity to 47,609; also the record attendance set on July 15, 2003 at the 74th All Star Game. The bronze statues of Luis Aparicio and Nellie Fox welcome fans to this fantastic venue. Other attractions include the fan deck that offers a double tiered view of the field and convenient access to concessions and other amenities. A rain room, patio, sports bar, t-shirt shop, United Scout seats, Comcast Fundamental deck and the Chicagoland plumbing council shower are just some of the features that keep fans coming back to U.S. Cellular Field time and again to enjoy games that the Chicago White Sox play. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: