Changsha, a woman fried lard cited kitchen fire enthusiastic neighbors help (video) melia kreiling

Changsha, a woman fried lard cited kitchen fire enthusiastic neighbors to help out the original title: fried lard cited kitchen fire enthusiastic neighbors to help newspaper Changsha news on fire, ah, ah!" The morning of September 27th, Li County Xinyu · Taihe Garden District, building 4, unit 1, room 2201, suddenly heard cries for help. Lease out the door immediately in the two Shaoyang men of the same layer, pick up the fire hose and fire extinguisher to help, 15 minutes later, the fire was basically extinguished. Subsequently, the district property personnel arrived, four or five minutes later, the fire was completely extinguished. Because the fire in a timely manner, the fire did not affect the 2201 room next door neighbours, the fire burned a kitchen. At 1 o’clock in the afternoon, the 1 unit 2201 room, the owner is cleaning the scene after the couple. The fire in the kitchen is a mess, the ceiling was burnt, burned gas water heater, the cabinet above the burnt oil with black stains. The hostess Ms. Lee told reporters that the fire took place at 10 in the morning, she was a person in the kitchen fried lard, fry has an hour, about the overflow splashed fire lard, soon, the kitchen is on fire. Lee panic, immediately opened the door, and then called on the fire, and come ah!" Enthusiastic neighbor Ouyang Shaocheng and longyi autumn live in room 2203 and Lee 2201 room is located on both sides of the elevator. Two people worked in the factory trained the fire of knowledge, I heard someone calling out immediately after the fire, the fire hose from the fire hydrant. They rushed into the room 2201, and found the kitchen fire, extinguished a fire, but the fire is even greater, "asked Lee, that is oil on fire." Ouyang Shao said that the oil fire water can not be extinguished, the fire extinguisher and use. Longyi autumn with a fire extinguisher to fire the fire stove, but also out of the burning, burning and killing, killing a total of four or five times, until Lee stove valve closed. But the lampblack machine as well as the flames, smoke above then, the property staff arrived, the fire was quickly extinguished. (Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Chen Bin Intern Zhang Qin) video recommendation: burst fire! Changsha High Street: restaurant kitchen roof built into the fire fire illegal相关的主题文章: