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Animation learning is the most important success tool in the world of advertising these days. We are dependent on internet for everything, whether its for business, .munication, personal relations, education, exams, almost more than half of the activities in the world are done through the medium of internet. And almost all the websites are animated. Also, its a very creative and different profile, which attracts large number students to pursue career in animation. Students are very much keen and optimistic about this career opportunity, because its a very imaginative work, which provides a lot of space to student to think and do something innovative and creative each day. All animation designs are different from each other, crediting to the beauty of the work profile. Animation aspirants have good opportunities in film, television, media and advertising field; besides this the whole web world is dependent on animation. The different courses which a student can opt for taking education in animation are: Graphic Designing Graphics and Web designing Diploma in animation Foundation course BSc. in animation and multimedia Diploma in Animation Engineering Looking at the increase in demand of career in animation, many private institutes have opened up, with special courses on animation and web designing. The different institutes providing courses in animation are: Graphiti School of Animation, Mumbai Arena Animations Academy Frameboxx Raffles Millennium International Indian Institute of Digital Art and Animation Picasso Animation College Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics, Mumbai Academy of Animation and Gaming, Noida B D Somani Institute of Art and Fashion Technology, Mumbai EDIT Institute, Mumbai Maeers MIT Institute of Design, Pune Akriti Institute of Art, Animation and Gaming, Noida Anieffects, Ahemdabad Pansoft School of Animation, Mumbai Institute of Mass .munication Film and Television Studies, Kolkata Shrishti School of Art Design and Technology, Bangalore A student after passing his senior secondary examinations can apply for a course in animation from any of the above intentioned institute. Students with good imagination and ideological power can do well in this field. The basic categories of animation, which a student has to excel in, being a part of the animation course are: 2D Animation: 2D animation, basically deals with the paper work, it is fundamental form of animation, in which pictures are mostly made by hand, then scanned and worked on .puter for transforming it into a movie or advertisements. The softwares used in this are Adobe Flash, Toonz Harlequin, Toon Boom Animation, CelAction, etc. 3D Animation: 3D animation is used to give a realistic effect to the picture, a lot of creativity and use of digital media is involved in this process. The softwares used to support this animation are MAYA, Softimage, 3Ds Max, etc. Other than the sketching and drawing skills, the students need to excel on aspects like modelling, texturing, lightining and rendering. A student aiming to pursue career in animation can look forward in giving his contribution towards animated movies, cartoons, advertisements, etc. many animated movies are .ing up these days, and moreover these are not only restricted to the children, movies like hanuman, have gained popularity among the young generation also. There are many animated pictures, cards, greeting cards, also available on inter.. In fact a lot of animation techniques are used for building a website also. One can see, a lot of animated pictures and designs on the official websites of .anisations, which helps in catching attention of people and increase the traffic for the web- based business entities. Thus, we can say, that career in animation is quite productive, and a student can see an interesting growth in his career, if he is directed with right guidance and follows a proper and planned career path. 相关的主题文章: