Because Parents Want A Healthy New England Summer Camp Environment For Their

Crafts-Hobbies Summer is here and not long enough, you will be hearing from your kids what will be the best way to spend their time off from school, not the usual stay at home watch television kind of thing. Something exciting and them learning at the same time, Yes! Of course Summer Camps and I know most parents gets paranoid about their kids safety that is why most parents tend to choose New Englands summer camps, based on factors most important to them. Fun, safety and everything good for their childs well-being is at their top list, luckily Camp Walt Whitman meets all of these and much more. On the top most in our list is SAFETY. Kids are left without their parents looking after them of course the only way they will be able to trust and agree to this is when they know their kids are safe and well taken care of. Prevention is always the foundation of health care and here at Camp Whitman we are definitely prepare our facilities to hold nothing but the best facilities and care for these children. We have well-trained health care staff that is available 24/7. Our fully equipped health center houses a physician and five registered nurses are here to intervene quickly and ensure your childrens care. Strategically our place is located in a secure woodland setting, far from any main highway or thoroughfare, yet it only takes 35 minutes from Dartmouth-Hitchcock Hospital, an excellent medical facility when the need arise. We take everything parents share with us into consideration always. We want to be able to nurture emotional growth with these kids; we do everything possible to make sure your children are emotionally healthy around us. Cabin assignments are based on your childrens personal needs and interests. That is the main reason why we ask you and your children to fill out a camp biography so we know their favorite activities and goal; we just want to make the best possible cabin assignment for them. A happy tummy is a happy kiddy, here at Camp Whitman, children loves the excellent food choices prepared every day. Home-cook and baked well, there is always fresh fruit, a daily grill, salad bar, pasta, soup and sandwiches to eat. We even offer gluten-free option. Children sit with their group and searing is rotated during the summer to encourage friendship, eating time is also social time, make friends and enjoy the each others .pany. Summer camps are always the best place to make new friends apart from school of course. Here you dont just learn things you get to enjoy them too. We provide plenty of opportunities for great things to happen and that is making friends. New ideas and new experiences, the cabin group an extension of every childs family. They live together and participate in activities together throughout the day. Respect and acceptance are modeled by the three staff members who live with the children in the cabin. Two of the staff members are the counselors who stay with the children all day and the third is the activity specialist. We modeled every aspect of our whole program to be nothing but the best for your kids. This is where every childs dream summer camp will be, we make sure, they get the fun, the best care and the best summer experience theyll ever have, every summer time! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: