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# Baozipu # double eleven discount Raiders cabbage price of the big package don’t lead: now the mention of ten, the first thought is to buy buy buy! This day, nobody is available to look up at the sky false sadness, feeling his lonely cold, we are obsessed with how to flutter in the panic buying this year, sale, is the right thing to save money. (Editor: @philtre) double 11 ready this time, in addition to ma father most of the discounted coupons information, many foreign fashion business also took a fancy to the Chinese "single dog" of their purchasing power, in the double eleven discount activity, the international electricity supplier also laicourenao. Girls, if you are adhering to the "do not love to buy cheap goods, but love cheap buy goods" concept, the push is required. Because, we compared the international fashion business discount and efforts for everyone, want to buy big package price of cabbage white Formica who don’t miss! Nothing more than buy buy buy 1. Luisaviaroma address: Discounts: from the beginning of November 4th, 15% off new products (except fine jewelry, diamonds, gold outside) discount discount on 30 percent off, and free postage tariff package, even our discount codes for everybody to come, as long as the input of WB1611 in the final settlement price, the money is automatically reduced. Advantages: fast freight rate! Luisaviaroma is a Florence fashion electricity supplier, and the editor himself because of the working relationship to LVR in Florence, the store has seen in his official website to buy goods, to tell the truth, at the time of 3 days and sent it, didn’t expect to be so fast, but also very surprise, so that the logistics of children’s shoes this time can be assured. Here to talk about his family’s goods, this time we said the package, in the LVR discount efforts, we buy the most valuable bag. Gucci Gucci now is absolutely outstanding popular luxury in the first echelon, but said Gucci bag is really beautiful, like the Yellow double G package, is the 2016 autumn and winter show, at 14900rmb, 15% off 12665rmb. Gucci show dual G package or the Gucci bamboo package, is the 2016 autumn and winter show, after discount price has an advantage: Gucci 2016 autumn and winter show Chloe, Givenchy, Saint Laurent and other classic if spend big price to buy online package, my advice is to buy what you have seen the kind of test, back off, so there is no expected deviation, although the big bag in the quality of work, there is no big problem cortex, but if not seen real starts, there will still be "not good" this kind of thing happened, leading to a series of trouble to return. So, in the discount season, buy the classic section is relatively simple, less risky. For example, the left and left two of these Chloe Faye package are classic models, the original price of 14252rmb, discount down 12114rmb, and the left of this Hudson, the original knife相关的主题文章: