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B& O the sound changed the shape, actually solve the biggest problem – the sound propagation technology of Sohu said Bang & Olufsen (B& O) of the speaker, with a low-key luxury connotation to describe appropriate, top design, top top materials, workmanship, of course, the top price. Recently B& O; to bring two new nouveau riche wireless 360 surround sound BeoSound 1 and BeoSound 2. Two wireless speakers are using a conical cylinder design, the use of aluminum metal body, this design is not only very beautiful, but also conducive to the spread of sound. At the top of the BeoSound 1 is a rotating control button, BeoSound 2 touch control. Two new products were used from the BeoLab Acoustic Lens Technology 5 and BeoLab 18 speakers, speaker unit is arranged at the top, below have a reflector, 360 degrees can produce spherical enveloping sound. BeoSound 1 and BeoSound 2 can play 24bit 192kHz FLAC and WAV files, support the most mainstream wireless audio protocols, including Google Cast Spotify, apple AirPlay, Connect and Bluetooth etc.. You can also use the phone App control, select different music streaming services, while two wireless speakers also support B& O multi room audio system. In the configuration, the class D amplifier volume smaller BeoSound 1 equipped with a 40W to drive 1× full range speaker 1.5 inches, the bass unit is composed of a 20W class D amplifier single charge. BeoSound 1 built-in rechargeable battery, in the middle of the volume can be used continuously for 16 hours. Larger BeoSound 2 is equipped with 3 class D amplifier corresponding to different speakers, the corresponding 40W is 1× 0.75 inches tweeter, 11W corresponds to the 2× midrange 2 inch, 20W corresponds to 1× 5.25 inch woofer. BeoSound 2 does not have a built-in battery that needs to be powered by a power cord. Price, BeoSound 1 priced at $1495 (about 10000 yuan). BeoSound 2 price of $1895 (about 12640 yuan), is expected to be officially listed in October. ————END————– how to take it home? The sound is too serious, ~相关的主题文章: