At about e to Sharon Teng potential 400 glory version debut-ravbin

At about e to Sharon Teng potential 400 glory version unveiled Beijing Phoenix car news: September 2, 2016, at about DENZA Teng potential – e to Mercedes salon in Beijing Me Sanlitun store experience successfully held. In this event, the new Teng potential 400 car models glory version for the first time in the form of real car debut. From left to right: Mr. Ma Guangyuan, Ms. Ye Tan, Ms. Chen Yan, the salon, Shenzhen BYD Daimler New Technology Co. CEO Ms. Chen Yan and Mr. Ma Guangyuan, the famous economist, well-known financial commentator Ye Tan lady to discuss the current economic and industrial development potential". New Teng potential 400 launched a stylish version, distinguished edition, glory version of the three models. Learned from the official website, in addition to the pre-sale version of the fashion version is not announced, the premium version of the pre-sale 415 thousand and 800 yuan, the glory version of the pre-sale of $432 thousand and 800. Subsidies in Beijing, two car prices were $305 thousand and 800 and $322 thousand and 800. A new proton potential 400 pre sale price price model in Beijing area after the price subsidies has not yet been announced yet announced a distinguished fashion edition version of 415 thousand and 800 yuan 305 thousand and 800 yuan 432 thousand and 800 yuan 322 thousand and 800 yuan glory version tab: Phoenix car new car’s exterior and interior are consistent with the older models, high body length and width were 46421850 1642mm, wheelbase 2880mm. Configuration, the new car is the standard 18 inch Aluminum Alloy hub, keyless start, parking assist, tire pressure monitoring, driver seat 8 to the electrical control, the passenger seat 6 to the electrical control, headlight delay close configuration. With models are also equipped with cruise control, right rearview camera, panoramic sunroof, xenon headlights, atmosphere lamp and seat heating, induction trunk, main driving position automatic adjustment, Harman Kardon audio configuration. The biggest upgrade of the new car is to upgrade the original battery capacity from 47.5kWh to 62kWh, to maintain the same volume, the maximum mileage reached 400 km. Dynamic, stylish version of the GLS in line with the old section, and the glory of the stronger version is equipped with a motor, the maximum power of 135 kilowatts, the maximum torque of 300 nm, 0-100km h acceleration in 10.5 seconds.相关的主题文章: