Anshan, Haicheng was abandoned baby lung infection fever grandmother appeared in hospital (video)

Anshan Haicheng abandoned baby appeared in hospital news links have a fever grandma lung infection: "Anshan Haicheng Xiliu a shopping mall Women’s Room basket now abandoned" news background: on the morning of 13, found an abandoned Haicheng City West Ryu Jin mall 3 floor Women’s Room basket. The cleaning staff found abandoned in the baby in the basket when cleaning, is just born, immediately to the police. Many well intentioned people to help the baby warm, and forwarding network, looking for abandoned parents. Haicheng, a shopping mall after the discovery of abandoned baby news was reported, many users have been concerned about the latest developments in real-time understanding of the event. Many enthusiastic readers also said they wanted to adopt the baby girl. Yesterday, the reporter learned from Anshan Maternal and Children’s Hospital, the baby appeared fever symptoms, is still using a ventilator assisted breathing. Yesterday morning, there are a number of enthusiastic readers and friends by telephone and online message, consulting the child’s situation, there are enthusiastic people to the hospital to send articles such as diapers, clothes for the children. 3 pm yesterday, the reporter went to the Anshan Maternal and Children’s Hospital, found the baby in the neonatal ward, lying quietly in the incubator, the face was taped, with ventilator assisted breathing. The doctor said, because she is have a fever, lung infection, severe pulmonary hypertension, on a ventilator case of illness at present in control, oxygen and heart rate can stable oxygen once down, the condition will be seriously, the doctors are trying to cure. 3:30 pm, the reporter saw a middle-aged woman wearing a red coat came to the hospital’s neonatal ward, signed for the relevant formalities, the woman said she was a child’s grandmother. The woman looks less than 50 years old, looks very haggard, as you can imagine, after this incident, one family are under tremendous pressure, and whether to assume this responsibility, the heart does not stop the struggle, but eventually decided to stand out. According to an insider, the woman who lives in Xiliu countryside, the economic situation is not good, her daughter is 20 years old. In the face of the reporter, the child’s grandmother always refused to say, but she and others have said a word or two conversations, for her pregnancy, she did not know, but after what happened to that matter. Subsequently, the woman signed under the guidance of a doctor. Perhaps things come too suddenly, she is still somewhat difficult to accept, at the time of signing the hand trembled, the man is still in the state of enlightenment. After signing, the child’s grandmother to the cashier to pay a deposit. Although she for details but also do not want to say, but she appeared to have the courage from the hospital, sign the delivery of the deposit, you can see that she should be ready to assume responsibility should bear. Supervisor shoot a 23 year old man will son abandoned because of age is too small does not want to marry > > > more men wear false news wheel hammer grab gold shop was arrested on the spot [258 yuan worth of air frost free trial! Scan two-dimensional code below concern, "Liao Wang" WeChat (txdaliao), reply "air cushion cream" understand and participate in the activities, patted gently makeup like nature itself! ]相关的主题文章: