Anhui provincial Party Secretary Li Jinbin eighteen jobs after the change of the three beself

Anhui provincial Party Secretary Li Jinbin after eighteen positions changed three times the Anhui provincial Party Secretary Li Jinbin the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region party secretary Li Jiheng, the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region party secretary Chen Quanguo original title: Xinjiang Inner Mongolia party secretary of Anhui to adjust the Beijing News (reporter Jia Shiyu) August 29th, the Xinhua News agency released the news of Xinjiang Inner Mongolia important personnel changes, Anhui Autonomous Region Party Secretary huanshuai. Xinjiang, Zhang Chunxian no longer serve as party secretary of the autonomous region, another appointment, the former Tibet Autonomous Region Party Secretary Chen Quanguo from Inner Mongolia, Tibet Xinjiang; Wang Jun no longer serve as party secretary of the autonomous region, former Secretary of the Yunnan Provincial Committee Li Jiheng succession; Anhui, Wang Xuejun no longer served as provincial Party Secretary, governor of Anhui province Li Jinbin took over. Beijing News reporter noted that three new provincial Party Secretary, Chen Quanguo and Li Jiheng two Department of provincial office, Li Jinbin Department of local guard. 3 per capita for "after 55", Chen Quanguo was born in November 1955, Li Jiheng was born in January 1957, Li Jinbin was born in February 1958. Three former provincial Party Secretary of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee, Zhang Chunxian was born in May 1953, working in Xinjiang for 6 years, the adjustment will be another appointment; Wang Jun was born in March 1952 this year, has over 64 years of age; Wang Xuejun and Wang Jun was born in December 1952. The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region party secretary Chen Quanguo only served as party secretary of Tibet Xinjiang two officials "look back through the history more than 5 years of practice, many scenes of genuineness, many things make me feel an upsurge of all visible before the eyes, surging, full of passion." The afternoon of August 28th, Chen Quanguo held a meeting of leading cadres in the region in the autonomous region of Tibet said. 7 years 3 is 61 year old Henan Provincial Office Chen national Pingyu, master of economics. At the age of 18, he entered the army army three division artillery. At the age of 22, he retired to become a worker in Henan province Zhumadian auto parts factory. In 1978, second years after the resumption of college entrance examination, Chen Quanguo into professional learning Zhengzhou University Department of economics and political economics. After graduating from college, came to Pingyu County of Henan Province, Chen Quanguo Xindian community work. Since then, he worked in Zhumadian for ten years, from a secretary of Zhumadian prefectural office, up to the Zhumadian prefectural committee. 1994, he transferred to the Pingdingshan Municipal Committee, Organization Department minister. Two years later, he was transferred to Luohe Municipal Committee, mayor, city for the first time as the number one position. In 1998, Chen Quanguo entered the provincial officials series, was promoted to vice governor of Henan province. After 12 years, he served as Henan Minister of provincial Party committee, deputy secretary of the Henan provincial Party committee. In 2009, he transferred to Hebei, acting as governor. A year later, the generation of positive. After entering the provincial officials sequence, 7 years, he has served as the provincial Office of the three. Push the village based cadres in Tibet in 2011, Chen Quanguo in Tibet Autonomous Region Party secretary. 29, he was appointed party secretary of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Chen Quanguo served as secretary of the Tibet Autonomous Region Party committee, Tibet cadres in the village to impress the outside world. According to media reports, since October 2011, Tibet each year from all party and government organs and state-owned enterprises and institutions, the resident agencies, armed police.相关的主题文章: