Anhui, Huaibei shantytowns completed ahead of schedule – China Network 9c8836

Anhui Huaibei shantytowns – Beijing ahead of schedule by the end of July, the city of Huaibei over the completion of this year’s provincial government issued shantytowns task livelihood projects. Among them, the province issued a new task 13142 sets, the city has started to build a set of tasks to complete the task of the province of 107.3%, the province issued a total of 7500 sets of tasks, the city completed a total of 17695 units, the completion of the task of 235.9%. Huaibei attaches great importance to the people’s livelihood shantytowns project, has introduced a number of financial and premium policy, superposition of force, promote the shantytowns and real estate to the inventory, enhancing the people gain a sense of. Change to the relocation of households, the city introduced the relocation of financial awards complement preferential policies. Households in the studio to change the project, if you choose to accept the monetized resettlement, the relevant departments in a reasonable assessment of housing, according to the assessed value of 1.15 times (including the pool area subsidy contains 0.15 times) to compensate for the original property owner; on the relocation of households, the city also increased the monetized resettlement reward standard give money subsidies reward according to the evaluation of the price of 20%. The shanty town renovation project in Huaibei City, a monetary settlement and resettlement sharing subsidy policy, the monetized resettlement shantytowns tasks included in the annual implementation of the shantytowns plan, and enjoy the same physical placement of the central and provincial financial subsidies. This move not only revitalize the funds to promote the resettlement work, but also to digest the real estate inventory.相关的主题文章: