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Travel-and-Leisure Andrea Pazienza, who was born in San Benedetto del Tronto in 1956, was an early-talented guy, and while he was still attending the High School he realised his first .ic-strip and paintings. At the beginning of the 70s his works begins to be displayed in personal and group exhibitions, and Pazienza begins to show to have a very versatile talent: he publishes his first .ic-strip, in 1974 (Pentotals extraordinary adventures), but he also founds the reviews Cannibale and Frigidaire, and he works also for other reviews. He also works as a teacher, and it is from this experience that he takes inspiration for his graphic novel Pompeo. Pazienza is also the cofounder of the .ics and Graphic Arts School Zio Feininger, but his work goes beyond .ics. Pazienza, indeed, is also well-known for having realised cinema playbills (for example, the playbill for Fellinis City of Women), music videos, covers of records, advertising campaigns, theatre sceneries and playbills, succeeding in expressing his creativity and his ideas in many different fields. The exhibition, which will take place from the 14th November to the 13th January, will celebrate the artists eclectic talent offering an overview of his works, and in particular it will be focused on the special relationship that there was between him and Naples, a city where in fact he never lived but which was particularly important for him. The exhibition is intended to gather the traces of this special relationship between the artist and the city, working them out from his drawings and tales. The section Traces of Naples will highlight this aspect of the artists career, and will also include a collection of images representing Tot, the great Italian actor that Pazienza liked to draw in some of his .ic streeps. However, the exhibition is meant to give an exhaustive overview of the artists work, and although it is particularly focused on the .ic-strips and quotes which tell us something about his relationship with Naples, it does not leave out other works of this particularly prolific author, displaying more than 200 original plates, as well as sketches and illustrations, which will help visitors to discover all the stages of Pazienzas career, from the first works of the 70s to the more mature works of the 80s. Visitors will have the possibility to admire the satiric .ic-strips that he realised for international reviews (in the section Antology), or to stop to watch the drawings of animals and fairy tales realised by him for one of his friends children. Also the works that he realised with his wife Marina .andino will be displayed, as well as the plates of his most famous graphic novels. The work, but also the personality of the author, will be even more investigated displaying personal objects, audiovisual aids and pictures, and also thanks to a great number of events like screenings, meetings with artists and books presentations. Pazienzas works exhibition in Naples makes the city even more attractive for all those who love all forms of art expression. Book a cheap hotel in Naples and immerse yourselves in art. Tickets: 6 euro Date: 16th November 2008 13th January 2009 Location: Castel SantElmo, Naples, Italy About the Author: 相关的主题文章: