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Acne Allopurinol was introduced as a revolutionary new drug sometime during the 1960s and since then, it is the most recognized and much prescribed treatment for gout, a medical condition that is characterized by the overload of uric acid in the body. Allopurinol prohibits the bodys production of uric acid, much like the way berries and other vegetables like celery do by lessening xanthine oxidase production. Individuals suffering from gout or any uric acid related illness can also prohibit or at least lessen the predicament by eating foods that are low in purine content. Foods like bacon, beef and some seafoods have high purine contents and will most likely to aid in the production of uric acid. As a counter flow measure, vegetables and milk products should replace these foods. By doing so will greatly decrease the possibilities of gout. As a gout treatment, Allopurinol works the same way; it will significantly reduce the bodys uric acid creation and by combining it with a proper low purine diet, chances are that it will be trimmed down to around 1-2mg/dl. Experts also advise to drink lots of liquid for better circulation. In this regard, the body will instead produce higher levels alkaline that will help in the further decrease of uric acid in the body. Precautionary Measures A number of people may find it as a habit of taking any treatment even if they are already having some signs and symptoms of the illness. Although this is possible to some, gout is another is another story. The intake of gout or any uric acid medication during an attack is definitely a big NO. Studies show that taking Allopurinol during the predicament will instead trigger the body to produce more uric acid and thereby worsen the problem. Doctors will automatically advice any individual to take Allopurinol beforehand to prevent further negative effects. Persons new to Allopurinol are suggested to take the medication on a continuous basis, even if on normal days. The immediate stop of Allopurinol intake will result to a staggering rise in uric acid (more than 6mg/dl) and some tends to develop Tohpi, a condition wherein monosodium urate crystals are formed in the cartilage, joints or bones. In the case this will happen, doctors will then prescribe Colchicine to balance both drugs. Allopurinol may also be prescribed to those who are suffering from kidney diseases. Again, as a precautionary measure, a creatine test should be administered before the prescription in order to assess the kidneys performance and it is functioning properly. This will then manipulate the dosage of Allopurinol to be prescribed to the patient. Dosage Normally, 300mg of Allopurinol is prescribed to first time users. Some doctors will likely to give 100ml to 600ml of the drug, depending on the severity of the illness. Side Effects People taking Allopurinol will more likely to have diarrhea, low grade fever with headaches, chills and skin rashes. Persons with allergies should also consult their doctor before taking the drug. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: