All Hail The Yahoo! Web Analytics Consultant

Yahoo! has launched its Web Analytics Consultant Network this week, promoting selected .panies that have the experience, insight and technical knowledge to help get the most out of Yahoo Web Analytics. A look back: how did Yahoo! Web Analytics .e to be? Yahoo! acquired the enterprise analytics solution from Indextools in April 2008 and ever since the analytics .munity has been waiting to see what Yahoo! would do with such a great paid service tool. The first thing they did was remove all costs associated with the solution and make it FREE! This was applauded by us and we couldn’t wait for more people to start enjoying what we think is one of the best analytics solution available, no matter what the cost. In the last few months Yahoo has added a bunch of additional features and enhanced existing features within Yahoo! Web Analytics! Just to put icing on the delicious free cake for you, Yahoo! launched an online analytics help center, with the ability to send specific Issues to Yahoo! support and as mentioned, a Yahoo! Web Analytics Consultant network. So what’s so good about Yahoo! Web Analytics? It’s a free enterprise analytics solution. Plenty of cool features make it great. Let’s have a look at these! Near Real Time Data Collection That’s right people! All data is collected and displayed almost instantly as soon as the simple implementation process is .plete. At times I have setup paid search campaigns and straight after I have seen clicks start .ing through! Individual Visitor Details It tracks individual visitors through your website. You can use filters such as IP address, demographics, etc to pull out data relating to an individual visitor. You can also see the different paths visitors take through your site before they .plete an action. Conversion funnels You can setup ad-hoc conversion funnels and apply them to historical data. Therefore, you can .pare it to past performance. It is also possible to setup predefined funnels that can be 15 steps deep! Data Visualisation Presentation of data is now available in various visual formats shown above the report you are viewing, helping to identify trends. You can also add post it style notes to different sections of the charts. This is a nice addition as reports can be downloaded with an appropriate chart showing turning points in the data. Merchandising Features This is one of my favourite features that provides a broad range of data relating to your sales. You can see a top line of your sales but also the option to drill down to see details for each order, see how many times each product gets viewed and also which products are selling best individually and with other products. Quick Access to What you want to see It has various functions allowing quick access to what you want to see. You can login directly to your personalised dashboard. You can customise reports, bookmark them and get them periodically sent to email addresses. You can even set up events that will notify you via email when certain metrics move past a limit. The tool also allows you to have up to 50 actions, numerous filters and 38 custom fields which can be session, action and page view based! The custom fields are great in Yahoo! Web Analytics, allowing you to collect any additional data that the solution does not already track by default. Seo Services And Video Production Provides Premier Benefits For Business By: sinuse – Golden Services Online Marketing, a provider of professional and quality Salt Lake City Video Production. Goldenservicesonline.. offers affordable SEO services and Video Production as well as custom SEO packages to fit your marketing needs. 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