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Automobiles With a few handy accessories, an average family vehicle can be transformed into an awesome towing machine, capable of taking on extremely heavy loads. A trailer hitch is the standard accessory which is used as a bridge from the vehicle to trailer. These hitches .e in a variety of types which are often classified in categories based on position or how much weight the hitch can tow. A trailer hitch often requires a certain amount of drilling and it may thus require a professional to lend a hand. –Front mount hitches are attached to the front of the vehicle and are often seen on trucks and SUVs that employ winches or snowplows. –A receiver hitch is often the choice for those wishing to attach a trailer or bike rack. These are often quick to bolt on and are custom made for many types of vehicle. It is important to try to select a hitch that matches the vehicles color scheme as well as to find one that has a lifetime warranty if possible. –Heavy duty hitches are use for hauling very large trailers or RVs, including those which weigh up to 30,000 lbs. One extremely important .ponent to consider is a brake controller. Brake controllers .e in handy for stops because they are able to control the trailers brake system. One popular type is the timed brake controller which has a set delay between the time the brake is engaged to when the full output is reached. Another type is the proportional brake controller, which monitors the slowing of your vehicle and proportionally adjusts the trailers brakes for an even stop. A third type is the Inertia Brake Controller which is able to automatically adjust the slowdown based on the braking rate. Once the basics are down, some might choose to explore various other hitch .ponents. For example, a trailer hitch camera can be used to connect to a trailer without assistance. It allows for reverse navigation and can be used at night. Cargo . Tie Downs are used to hold down cargo loads that are hitch mounted. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: