A call to wait 19 years, wanted the police to help find the mother remonstrate

A call to wait 19 years, wanted the police to help find the mother original title: a call to wait for 19 years of enthusiastic police to help find the mother wanted in the new network on 8 October, according to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported, Taichung City matsuyasu police deputy director Chen Jianzhong investigation wanted, accidentally discovered the parties and the mother lost contact 19 through the years, his household conscription system to find the other mother, let 3 years have not seen the mother surnamed yuan, and mother reunited. A 22 year old man surnamed yuan was wanted on suspicion of obstruction of military service, Taichung City Police Bureau fifth matsuyasu deputy director Chen Jianzhong, in the query information found within their respective jurisdictions Super office, he will get back after interrogation found the man hard life. The man surnamed yuan was born in Taoyuan, in his parents divorced when he was 3 years old, did not remember my mother looks at the age of 16, my grandfather died, my father is gone, and he began to work everywhere, on their own, from Taoyuan to Taichung, part-time to complete high school education. Yuan man said that many landlords do not allow him to move the account, after a few degrees of relocation, residence in a rented house, and therefore did not receive a summons, until the police came to the door, only to be wanted. Chen Jianzhong listened to the story of a man surnamed yuan, think he is an honest man, decided to help him find his family, surnamed yuan’s father’s account in the household registration, can not find people, through the household service administration system, check to Yuen mother is from Indonesia, Longtan District in Taoyuan city. Chen Jianzhong told the link to mother, surnamed yuan was very resistant to both call in the police station, surnamed yuan was originally called "mother", unable to speak about a few years later moved to tears of grievances. "It’s been more than and 10 years." Yuan mother said to the police, as long as 10 years old, as long as the phone rang, she thought it was the Taichung City police station, the phone and so on for more than 10 years, finally, in addition to the hearts of gratitude or thanks!" Yuen mother said, the day before yesterday in Taoyuan reunited with his son, eat lunch, also the son of the account moved to Taoyuan, she would have been concerned about his son.相关的主题文章: