7 idol drama students want to get the next season, the new season, Zheng Shuang had to learn to wear k9084

7 drama 6 school girls want to wear school season a have to learn Zheng Shuang lead: suddenly went to school season, in the first day of school on how to successfully steal the spotlight? Of course, it’s the goddess! When it comes to campus goddess, recently hit series "smiled very little" starring Zheng Shuang absolutely have the right to speak, since 2009 hit, Zheng Shuang played a variety of different campus goddess, want to take the school season then learn Zheng Shuang goddess collocation. (Editor: Gon Freecss @ off meat stripe and Plaid) product are essential in 2009 campus Belle "meteor shower" recently, "smiled very strong allure" screen, in addition to the male god Yang Yang variety Liao Mei, more seductive is Zheng Shuang’s other fresh flowers. Although Zheng Shuangmei paper recently often Tucao storm thin, but from 2009 God drama "meteor shower" has become a popular campus goddess, 7 years after the Zhaqi tail was still fresh, just like the yen value and constant freeze age youth temperament, to win praise. In the "smile" very little avatar in the flowers shell tiny Zheng Shuang, easy interpretation of the campus goddess must-have item, that is, fringe pattern! Wearing a plaid skirt looked at Zheng Shuang sitting in Yang Yang’s bicycle, exclusive campus youth breath. A pattern of single product collocation recommended Johanna Ortiz fringe skirt 4537 yuan Common Projects white shoes 2573 yuan Mulberry single shoulder bag 13983 yuan for the campus goddess white shirt "smiled very little", Zheng Shuang shows the table changes of campus shape, ten minutes of the lens for the three sets of clothing. While Zheng Shuang stills appear most frequently is the white shirt in the other. Seems to want to become a campus goddess, the first thing to do is to wear a white shirt! The white shirt collocation recommended Burberry Brit white shirt 2427 yuan Burberry meters white sweater 4654 yuan J Brand ripped jeans 2320 yuan cartoon T-shirt increase smiled very playful sense of "allure" in Zheng Shuang is not only a youth campus goddess, or play the game cool girl, but in the film, she added playful sense of temperament a single product on cartoon t-shirt. Look at the Zhaqi ball head, wearing a loose T-shirt cartoon of Zheng Shuang, is not to make you very heart? Recommended Markus Lupfer cartoon T-shirt collocation T-shirt 2613 yuan Frame jeans 2074 yuan Saint Laurent sports shoes 5215 yuan   "summer solstice" poster Zheng Shuang just smiled a campus drama "Qingcheng" is the hit cool sister paper, has started filming a new campus drama "summer solstice", in the play Chen Xuedong collocation. Re entering the campus of Zheng Shuang, this is not only in the play to show a variety of other uniforms, also wear white collocation absolute goddess. White sweater and shirt stacked to wear, so that the new campus goddess Zheng Shuang in addition to fresh with a trace of temperature.相关的主题文章: