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Weight-Loss Looking for healthy ways to lose weight in 2 weeks? Here are 5 of the best and easy ways to lose belly fat fast, and more importantly keep the weight off – Lose Weight 2 Weeks Program 1. Have an eating plan to lose weight in 2 weeks and longer – Plan and your healthy meals in advance. You will then be more likely to avoid the spur of the moment fast food temptation. At least you know what you are putting into your mouth. Set aside 1 hour, say Sunday and plan your weekly meals. Saves time, saves money and saves the hassle out of your busy schedule. So make the time now to get rid of belly fat! 2. If you really want to with a Lose Weight 2 Weeks, WATCH WHAT you cook – prepare meals with low fat food products. Remember the basic food groups and try to balance your meals. Your body still needs a bit of everything to be healthy. So get your veggies, lean meat, fish and fruits into your eating plan – and drink plenty of water. 3. One of the easy ways to lose belly fat is to LEAVE food on your plate, especially at a restaurant. The servings are huge and loaded with fat. That’s why it tastes so good (but not good for you in large quantities). You eating your food or not does not impact people starving in Ethiopia. If you really care about them, stop eating out and send a little money each month to your favorite charity. This is one of the ways to lose weight fast! 4. It is healthy for everyone to follow a high fiber diet, aiming for two to three cups of vegetables per day and two pieces of fruit (preferably with the skin on). Switching to a diet high in fiber doesn’t mean you have to add more carbohydrates to your daily menu, it simply means you need to eat high fiber carbs (those with more than 3g of fiber per serve). Choose from broccoli, asparagus, cauliflower, zucchini, tomato, mung beans, leeks, green beans, capsicum, onions and others. 5. There is another method of exercising that you should do along with cardio in your ‘LOSE WEIGHT 2 WEEKS’ program, which will substantially increase your results. This method is to start weight training. Many people do not understand the value and relevance of weight training when it .es to losing weight. When you are weight training, your metabolism gets a huge boost. Not only does it burn calories while you are training, it continues to burn calories for many hours after you have stopped training. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: