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Wealth-Building Now, my article today isnt about how superior .puters can be. Quite the opposite actually. Im going to tell you about .mon .puting errors that could be costing you money. You see, it wasnt too long ago that, when you went to a store, the clerk would manually tally up your order, actually writing you a receipt and doing all the tax calculations with a calculator, or even just on the receipt itself. Then along came the Universal Product Code (UPC) bar and .puters that would read that unique information, match it to the .panies pricing lists and then tally up your receipt. This was, in fact, met with a lot of skepticism. People just didnt trust something that worked in the blink of an eye. Since then, weve .e to trust the UPC and all of the information it holds, but perhaps weve be.e a little too trusting. In the past year, Ive been checking my receipts after every purchase. Whether Ive spent a few hundred dollars or just pocket change, I check the items line by line to see if Ive paid exactly what I expected. And, lately, by taking just 30 seconds to review my receipt, Ive started saving some money or, more importantly, paying only what I expected to pay. In fact, many stores have strict policies when it .es to receipt errors. So its important when you find an error to keep calm and inquire about that stores policy. Many will simply correct the price, but some offer an additional discount in the event that theres a pricing error. Again, its important to stay calm. The cashier is doing their job by scanning items, but its hard for them to track errors on their own. Stores arent looking to rip you off, so acknowledge the mistake and request that the cashier follows store policy for making things right. About the Author: Important Tips To Source Organic Produce For Your Homes By: GoodContent – Our website has everything organic just for you! All of our products are grown without the use of pesticides, sewage sludge, synthetic fertilizers, or genetically modified organisms. This means that you are only putting the best into your body. .e che … Tags: Evaluating A Portfolio Management System By: Walter Blackman – Learn the importance of having a portfolio management system for your investment, as well as knowing how to choose the perfect one for your needs. Tags: Is There Still Any Mileage In Student Property Investments? By: Graham Flaherty – Types Of Joint Venture Land Investment Opportunities Available To Uk Investors By: Bradley Weiss – How a joint venture partnership is structured plays a big role in liability and engagement questions. Those partnerships work best when the relationships are well defined. Tags: The Benefits Of Uk Land As A Real Asset To Investors By: Bradley Weiss – There are many other types of real assets, some which literally sparkle. But land is an investment where the investor can play a role in its valuation increase. Tags: How To Make Money Online By: Trivedi Effect – If you are struggling with financial crisis and want to make abundance of money, then Trivedi Effect is best solution! Tags: Ditch Poor Financial Management Through Enhanced Spiritual Health By: Trivedi Effect – If you are struggling with financial crisis and want to make abundance of money, then Trivedi Effect is best solution! Tags: There Are Many Areas Of Internet Marketing By: Jenson Phillips – There are many areas of Internet marketing this is important to stay current on them all. Whether you’re marketer for a corporation or an entrepreneur, the Internet is undoubtedly an amazing resource so you can get the word out about your .pany. Howev … Tags: Facebook Has Developed Into Center For Business Marketing Today. By: Jenson Phillips – Facebook has developed into center for business marketing today. The popularity of facebook business marketing is known to the people who actively utilize it. Facebook marketing provides a great chance expanding your small business. And you can gain in … Tags: Prepare For Retirement With Low Priced Homes In Phoenix By: Maureen Karpinski – Preparing for retirement can never be too early. Ideally, preparing for retirement should start as soon as you earn your first paycheck. However, starting a family, sending the kids off to school and getting a home are necessary financial detours you ne … Tags: 相关的主题文章: