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Home-and-Family The Bulldog has two trademarks, their characteristically pushed in face and their low energy. Their coats also .e in a variety of colors including white, red, fawn, brindle and patched. Bulldog grooming doesn’t require you to do much maintenance. Although by setting a regular Bulldog grooming schedule you can spend some quality time with your pet since they greatly enjoy grooming. Even though they are naturally clean dogs that don’t require much bathing, the Bulldog especially loves bath time. Although not necessarily required it is still important to groom your Bulldog four times a week to help maintain a beautiful and shiny coat. You want to develop a routine for your Bulldog grooming and make it .mon, just like it is for humans. Get your dog used to the grooming process by starting early when they are young. During grooming time you can also check for skin problems that should be seen by a veterinarian such as bare spots, skin lesions, scabs, infection, flaky skin, rough skin and other skin problems. It may seem like a difficult task to groom your dog, but really it is only five to ten minutes a day and that is a lot of quality time for your pet. There are a few necessary grooming supplies that you need before you start your Bulldog grooming schedule. You will need a bristle brush, a rubber brush and a hound brush. When it .es to applications you will need mineral oil, a mild dog shampoo, petroleum jelly, boric acid, zinc oxide ointment and a final coat conditioner. Cotton balls, blow dryer, cotton tip applicator and nail clippers are some additional supplies you will need. The Bulldog grooming routine should first start with brushing two to three times a week with the soft bristle brush or the rubber brush. Being brushing at the tail and cover the entire body while brushing against the grain. Then go with the grain and once again brush the entire coat. Then to distribute the natural oil throughout their entire coat you should rub down the dog. Next you need to consider the bath as a part of your Bulldog grooming routine. Your Bulldog grooming routine should involve a bath every two or three months or more if it is required when your dog gets dirty. You should only use a mild dog shampoo that has been re.mended by your vet, the breeder or a pet store. Place two drops of mineral oil in each eye and cotton balls in the ears before bathing. Then while bathing the dog use a rubber brush in order to remove all the shedding hair. Depending on your preference you can dry with a towel or blow dryer after rinsing. Use the hound brush during drying since this will help to keep the coat flat and smooth. Keep the nose soft by apply some petroleum jelly and keep the ears free of wax by carefully cleaning with a cotton tip swab. Remove any stains beneath the eyes with a cotton ball and small dab of boric acid. Do this every day until the stains are .pletely gone and then clean the area at least once a week in order to prevent stains from occurring again. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: