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.puters-and-Technology Whatsapp is basically a smart phone application, which was developed and launched in the year of 2009 by Jan Koum and Brian Acton in California. It initially did not do well but in the current day, it happens to be an application used world-wide and has grabbed immense popularity especially amongst youngsters. It enables one to share pictures, videos, sms, and audio messages. Reasons of popularity among youths "Time management is the thing on which one has to remain focused upon in order to achieve success in the long run, and with the aid of whatsapp, it hardly takes time to send a text to a distant place, even the character limit is not mentioned, unlike sms and mms which actually takes away a lot of time, whatsapp .es up with instant messenger service. "Whatsapp is popular amongst youth because it has managed to give a tough .petition to revenue generating various sim cards and mobile phone service .panies that actually derive a lot of money through sms and mms which they actually charge. "Whatsapp provides a platform to share information with much ease and with absolutely free of cost. Information could be exchanged between countries. Then again since it is a number specific application hence information would remain confined up to people whom you have in your contact list and the same would not spread without your consent. "Nowadays the frequency of smsing amongst youngsters has be.e less, as because with whatsapp it is possible to remain in contact by means of chatting for 24×7, whatsapp has be.e a version of Skype to a lot of people, moreover there are limitations when you recharge your phone with a suitable sms pack, it only remains valid for a certain amount of time/day, while with whatsapp one hardly have to get bothered with such issues. "With such huge response whatsapp happens to rule the market currently as about ten billions of messages are delivered in a day, which is actually a record breaking number. "Social networking sites like Facebook and twitter which are open forum for discussions, chatting, sharing pictures, through whatsapp one could remain connected to a certain number of people they choose, as this depends upon the number people who have your number with them, therefore this is actually a safe and secured application undoubtedly. Moreover today’s youngsters are more interested on the privacy issue therefore all these things help making this application interesting and grabs attention of the youths. Wrapping up However whatsapp is facing a tough .petition in the market as developments taking place each day rather every hour and one can’t actually assure any stability. .panies, products get launched every day and as well as gets vanished every day. This application is certainly a promising one, but emergence of various applications is proving lethal for the same. From this article it is evident, that the fate of sms and mms is not that good in the up.ing days, similarly developments are in process that would someday prove really havoc on the much talked application named whatsapp. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: