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Home-Improvement Furniture stains in carpet, most often happen from mahogany, cherry wood and antique furniture. Sticky tabs are great to help prevent this. They are clear plastic squares, with sticky on one side, that will hold itself to the bottom of the furniture leg. We have seen these staining woods leave furniture stains, in high humidity area, even though the carpet was never wet! (No dogs, cats or leaks). There are Usually 3 Parts to a Furniture Stain a. Rust from metal tabs b. Staining from the wood itself c. Finishing stain Rust is easy. Rust Remover, usually, will do it. Here’s where it gets more difficult. Color that came from the wood is organic. Organic stains are sometimes removed with an oxidizer. (Adds oxygen) Color from the furniture stain, that was applied, is likely to be synthetic. Synthetic stains can, sometimes, be removed with reducers or sometimes called strippers. (Removes oxygen) Here’s What You Can Try 1. Red Dye Remover (a reducer) with steam iron heat and a wet towel medium heat for 20 30 seconds at a time. a steamer also does a good job. This often works on fresh stains since they are more likely to be the applied stain. (color) A fresh stain, sometimes, hasn’t had time for the stain to bond, .pletely, to the fiber. 2. Urine Stain Remover (an oxidizer) If the Red Dye Remover product didn’t get it , RINSE the area thoroughly (one removes oxygen and the other adds it, they will neutralize each other if not rinsed .pletely) with the oxidizing product. 3. Protein Spotter – added before steaming, can sometimes increase the activity. (Careful of bleaching!) Sometimes, a Urine Stain Remover (peroxide) product, will work cold, on furniture stains, given the time. Blot or wipe gently and add product as needed. A professional carpet cleaner may be needed for tough stains. However, you will be able to tackle smaller stains yourself.To be most effective at stain treating and not damaging your carpet in the process, first test the carpet for colorfastness and then treat the stain according to its type. General stain-removal formula: .mercial spot carpet cleaners sold at grocery stores and home centers will remove many carpet stains. You can also make your own all-purpose cleaner with this basic formula: Stir 1 teaspoon of mild dishwashing liquid into 1 quart of warm water. Add 1/4 teaspoon of white vinegar. Let this solution sit on the stain for 10 minutes before blotting with a clean, dry white cloth. Repeat until the spill no longer transfers to the cloth. Be patient; it may take several repetitions. Go to main page Auckland Carpet Cleaning for more ideas and assistance on the job About the Author: 相关的主题文章: