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Games They say winning is all about working hard after you have your priorities in order. Then why should winning at rummy online games be any different? If you look at it closely, winning at rummy games is also a matter of getting your priorities right. To a layman who does not know much about rummy or who plays rummy in a casual manner, this may seem like an absurd statement. But as you dwell upon this statement, you will realize the truth behind it. Let us examine what should be your priorities while playing rummy and how you can go about getting them right. Some priorities to get in order before you start playing: The objective of playing. You need to be clear as to why you are playing. This may seem a trivial exercise, but once you know why you are playing, the path to victory clearer. How much time? This part of the exercise means you are defining the amount of time you can and want to dedicate to playing the game What variant are you going to play? There is no hard and fast rule that says that you cannot change variants midstream but if your objective is to win a particular reward, defining this could be useful. How much money are you willing to spend? This is obviously how you limit your losses if they may incur. Both time and money limits need to be defined to ensure sensible gaming. Decide which site you wish to play on. This way you know what sort of offers and deals you can expect. This can be matched with your objective for playing rummy. Now that your playing priorities are in order, you need to concentrate on the actual rummy game priorities. The priorities given below are very simplistic and are meant to be useful for beginners. Note the joker card and the open card. You can also observe to see if this card is picked up by the player it is meant for. Arrange your cards in a manner that is easy to .prehend at a glance. Ideally speaking you can arrange cards in alternate colors. Always put your joker (both printed and game) in the beginning to ensure that it is not thrown by oversight. Arrange any natural sequence you may have. This can be followed by potential runs Next in line are sets and potential sets. Always more probable and less value potential sequences ahead of less probable and more value potential runs Keep the deadwood cards last in order of the highest value cards last and lesser value cards next and so on. Now that you have the priorities for playing and the arrangements for the cards down in an organized manner, it is time to think of your game priorities. In Indian rummy, the first priority is always to get the natural run going or else all the other cards in hand will be considered deadwood and counted as points. Forming of the second run would be your next priority; however you can afford to .plete this sequence with a joker if you have one. Another priority while doing all this is also to ensure that the points you incur if another player declares a win are less. Also take care to ensure that you are not throwing away cards that your opponents may require or giving away your game by picking too many cards from the discard pile. About the Author: offers you .plete guidance and support to learn and play rummy cards games. You can join for free and learn to play using free Promo Chips provided to you, to win cash. Play cash games with 100% Wel.e Bonus for 1st purchase and 20% Cash Bonus for repeat purchases. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: