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Reference-and-Education In the world of 21 countries surveyed, China ranks first children’s .puting power, ranking last in the imagination, creativity, ranked fifth from the bottom. Why is there such a phenomenon?" This is a city of three Standing .mittee Twenty group discussion meeting yesterday, ".pulsory Education Regulations of Chongqing Municipality (Draft)" (referred to as Bill), the Municipal People’s Congress deputy director of the City Federation of Trade Unions President Hu Jiankang issue from the past. The second draft is considered the forty-fourth article, "Schools should be the full implementation of quality education … … to strengthen capacity-building, improve their learning ability, practical ability and creative ability." Hu Jiankang suggested that the revised terms, "the full implementation of quality school education, students should focus on improving the imagination, ability and creativity." For example, he said, the United States shared the Top of several professional societies affect human life in the 20th century, 20 major inventions, there is no one invented by the Chinese; Chinese students to get a doctorate in the United States each year there are as many as 2,000 people for the highest non-US born students, but U.S. experts .mented that, although the outstanding performance of Chinese students, imagination is very lacking. He therefore proposed to amend the relevant provisions, through the primary and secondary legislation to strengthen the "imaginative education." Municipal People’s Congress Standing .mittee, Party Secretary Wang Zhijie group also believes that the city’s imagination and creativity in students is necessary to strengthen training should be legislation to safeguard. It was his understanding that this work is currently carried in a very uneven, only a few schools have created programs such practice. He suggested that schools should engage in more targeted programs; enhance their thinking skills and creativity. Well-known educator, former president of Wuhan University, Liu Daoyu had previously said that Chinese children’s imagination, the scientific .munity worried the situation, "a test for life," the exam-oriented education seriously hindered the student’s imagination and creativity, the Chinese must be liberating education began the liberation of the child’s curiosity. Liu Daoyu to take the world’s two most important countries of family education .pared — China and Israel. Israel pursued the lion parent education parenting law: lion lioness left alone to learn to survive; family education in China is toward two extremes: either spoiled or bar to drink. As a result, Israel’s nearly 10 Nobel Prize winners, and China is no one there. Survey We are on the "imaginative education" for adults and children to do an experiment Abstract figure painting it like what you see Unknown piece of abstract art, is a reporter yesterday to investigate the imagination of children and adults, it looks like? "Alien", "Zoo," "Goldfish," "Home", "Bull plans," "Earth" … … the eyes of the children, it is "anything is possible"; and for many adults, this However, it is a human face, the answer is the same, like the songs "World is the only." Children: All things are possible 1 year 8 classes, the reporter who just turned 6 years old to invite 10 children to the podium, his eyes on the blackboard to write the contents of the picture, the results obtained, "Alien," "Zoo" and eight answers. Exposing students to special minister told reporters: "This is the picture of two cows, one bull race in progress." He also pointed to the side of the picture, told reporters here while what there is, paints a vivid map of bullfighting. Expert: Painting no standard answer "It is because the standard answer of a search for the psychological, so lost in our imagination." Psychology teacher in Chongqing eighth Zou Hong said, this picture is what it looks like, everyone can have their own different views But adults will be to guess the standard answer, so get more answers than children. "Problem in our schools has been the standard of teaching children to find answers to, bound their independent thinking; in home education, parents do not allow children to have abnormal thoughts, and slowly strangle the child’s imagination." Zou Hong that education need not uniform, so that children have more personal space, so that they more than daydreaming, children will probably retain more of the imagination. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: