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Breast-Cancer If one is to believe Esther John, an epidemiologist of Northern California Cancer Center, a daily dose of sunlight can decrease the chances of breast cancer by an amazing 40%. A short walk in the sun can also relieve stress and increase blood circulation in addition to reducing the risk of breast cancer. It is a well known and researched fact that the instance of breast cancer is more in cloudy and colder regions. An exposure to the full spectrum light is inversely correlated to colon, rectal and breast cancers. Exposure to sun stimulates production of certain hormones underneath the human skin. The Ultraviolet B rays react with a certain variety of cholesterol in the skin triggering organs like liver and kidneys to produce vitamin D3, which in fact is not a vitamin but a king of steroid that boosts the human immune system. It inhibits the growth of malignant cells and also motivates the digestive tract to absorb more calcium and hinders angiogenesis that aids growth of cancerous cells. Vitamin D3 also stops formation of blood vessels that aid cancer thus effectively curbing the malignancy of any tumors. Vitamin D3 taken in high does can result in toxic .plications. Medications administered for breast cancer thus contain Vitamin D3 in derivative form. These derivatives have been found to be effective in stopping the spread of cancer cells in breast cancer patients and reducing the size of mammary tumors. It is a cause of grave concern that most sunscreens lotions used today block the Ultraviolet B rays thus inhibiting the formation of Vitamin D3. What the human race needs to realize today is that the harm done by sun is far less .pared to the goodness that .es from its radiation. Exposure to sun benefits people having prostrate, ovarian, breast or colon cancer, osteoporosis, heart ailments and multiple sclerosis. If one can imagine statistically, people dying from the any of the above diseases are far more then people effected by skin cancer. Moreover, exposure to sun is more beneficial than detrimental as per the past 5 decades of medical research. In spite of awareness, it has been found that almost 59% of patients admitted to the Massachusetts General Hospital have been found to be lacking in Vitamin D. In light of this it is only logical to infer that Americans are more prone to caner and other ailments .pared to most other people. Vitamin D is also available in adequate measures in certain foods like tuna, salmon almost all other varieties of fish. Having Vitamin D fortified diet may also help, but look for more information than just claims on the product labels. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: