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Software Do you have kids? Do you give them allowance when they do chores? Keeping track of the allowances owed to them might get confusing and frustrating. The free Child Allowance Tracker app is the perfect solution for all your problems. It is a great way to keep track of your child’s allowance. Giving your child a weekly allowance is a great way to help them learn money management ( .www.handster.com/product-review.php?id=274 ), and teach them to be financially responsible from an early age. Knowing the limit of available funds forces kids to make spending choices, and appreciate the things they buy with their money. Giving kids allowance for doing chores will imbibe them with a sense of responsibility, as well as teach them work ethics. Child Allowance ( .www.handster.com/product-review.php?id=274 ) tracker is user-friendly and easy to use. Click on the "New Child" button to add a new child to the tracker. You can enter the day on which they receive their weekly allowance along with the amount. You can also assign custom colors to each account. Click on a child account to add finance records. Here you can enter a description for the entry along with the date. Then enter the amount and whether it is money earned or money spent. Money earned is displayed in green, while money spent is displayed in red. The balance amount is automatically calculated and displayed at the top. To delete an finance record click on the "Recycle bin" icon to the left of the entry. Click on the "pencil" icon to edit an entry. Child Allowance tracker ( .www.handster.com/product-review.php?id=274 ) makes it easy to keep track of the allowance money your child earned and spent. Keeping track of your child’s allowance should not be a chore for you. Did u promise them allowance for a chore? Simply make an entry of that in the tracker. The next time they ask for the allowance owed to them, you won’t have to grab a pen and paper and rack your brains to try to calculate the amount owed. Just launch the app and check the balance in matter of seconds. Tracking allowances has never been this easy! Features: * Keep track of money ( ..handster../product-review.php?id=274 ) earned and spent * Assign custom colors * User friendly interface * Free App. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: