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UnCategorized "Men of Cornwall stop your dreaming; Can’t you see their spear points gleaming? See their warriors’ pennants streaming to this battlefield. Men of Cornwall stand ye steady; It cannot be ever said ye for the battle were not ready; Stand and never yield!" The September 11th attacks in 2001 were the worst terrorist attack on American soil, and showed that even the mighty United States could be bloodied. Thousands died and before the dust even settled people were blaming the government for their failure to protect the nation. It was a dark day, but one man stood above all others, and when the first plane struck the World Trade Center (WTC) he went into action. He wasn’t just prepared he was waiting for the attack, and did his job to the fullest, because Rick Rescorla had predicted 9/11. We stress that the mindset is as important as the training, and Rick Rescorla had both, and when the day came he was ready. Richard Cyril Rescorla was born and grew up in Hayle, Cornwall England where as a young boy he saw American soldiers preparing for the D-day invasion. This experience would have a lasting effect on him, and the young boy grew up not just wanting to be a soldier, but an American soldier. He would do well in school and was a great athlete and solid boxer. He enlisted in the British military in 1957 and would be.e a paratrooper, work in military intelligence, and be.e a police officer in Africa serving in what is today Zambia. Eventually he would return to England and be.e a police officer, but he quickly bored of the work and traveled to New York City. He didn’t stay long though and by 1963 he was back in uniform with the United States military. It didn’t take long for the army to recognize "Rick" had talent and after boot camp he went on to Officer Candidates School and airborne training before he was assigned to Lieutenant General Hal Moore’s 7th Cavalry. The regiment would fight heroically against overwhelming odds at the Battle of Ia Drang, and many credit Rescorla’s leadership as platoon leader for keeping the casualties down in his unit. The Colonel would praise Rick, and his 1992 book We Were Soldiers Once… And Young has Rescorla on the cover in the heat of battle. He would serve two more years in Vietnam and earned the Silver Star, the Bronze Star with Oak Leaf Cluster, a Purple Heart, and the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry, and the nickname of "Hard Core" from his men who still praise him to this day. Once back in the United States Rick would be.e a citizen and as usual keep busy. He married, and attended the University of Oklahoma and earned a bachelors degree, a masters, and a law degree. He wrote a criminal justice text book, became a father and worked in finance before accepting a position with Dean Witter, so he moved his family to New Jersey to be closer to the New York based firm. He immediately took his job in security seriously and in 1992 he warned the WTC owner’s the Port Authority that the building was vulnerable to a truck bomb attacks, but nobody listened. When the building was hit in 1993 like Rick said it would be Rick lead efforts to evacuate everyone, and was the last one to leave. In the years that followed Rick would plan for the next attack even though the terrorists were captured and jailed. He would battle prostate cancer and he and his wife of 25 years would divorce, but you don’t keep a good man down. He would meet is second wife Susan Greer, beat cancer, and still remain close friends with his first wife Betsy. Still though the specter of another attacked haunted him and he encouraged the management of Morgan Stanley Dean Witter (the firms merged in 1997) to relocate, but they wanted to stay until their lease ran out in 2006. With garage access eliminated Rick now believed that the next attack would .e from the air and even called the WTC ground zero, but if he couldn’t relocate those under his charge he would protect them the best he could. He looked at everything that was an issue in the 1993 attacks, and saw that they were corrected. Fire wardens were assigned to help get people out, and smoke evacuators and improved lighting were added to the stairways. He insisted on fire drills and executives fondly remember Rick telling them to get off the phone and head out. He worked with the Port Authority and while others were growing apathetic he was on edge, and his wife recalls him being sleepless in the weeks prior to the attacks. When the first plane did strike that September morning the veteran warrior simply acted calmly and treated the situation like another drill. He ignored advice by others to remain in the building and bravely rallied everyone singing to them as they left the building. The vast majority of the .pany’s 2700 employees were out of the first tower before the second plane struck, but Rick went back in with others to help the fire department make sure everyone else was out. He was last spotted on the 10th floor of the second tower determined to see that nobody would die on his watch. There has been plenty written about Rick Rescorla and what he did on 9/11, and the life he lead that prepared him for that faithful day, but I felt the need to look at Rick in the terms of self defense. He didn’t take on the terrorists in close .bat (I’m sure he would have been able to handle that too), but he prepared himself for them before they ever struck and put his plans into action. He was truly a sheep dog always looking out for wolves, and watching over his folk. Almost every employee that Rick helped save came to his funeral, and by than understood why he took things so serious. So don’t wait for another attack to be ready. I think the best way we can pay tribute to Rick Rescorla is aspire to be like him in are daily actions. Keep doing your self defense training because one day you will need to use it, and you won’t get a second chance. Take military and first responder training seriously and never dismiss something as unnecessary, because one day you will need it and there won’t be any time for a drill. If you’re involved with private security always think of the worst case scenario, and take steps to prevent it, and never let anyone tell you it can’t happen. For Rick every day was a day to train and improve, and he was a passionate American. Those who knew him remember a guy who liked to laugh and was always up for a good time, but was still able to do his job, so what is your excuse. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: