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"PLR" or Private Label Right means that you can buy the production, marketing and distribution rights to products created by another person or company. You don’t have to worry about the research, planning and production of these products – all you do is buy them and market them under your own brand. Although you have lesser control over the product itself, it helps you save thousands of dollars, hedges your risk, and allows to to dominate niche markets easily. Plus, most PLR products you can find on the Internet are pretty affordable too. So how do you really profit from PLR products? How do PLR products fit into your overall marketing strategy for your online business? Here are three of ways to make money from PLR materials: 1) Create Stand-Alone Products This is the easiest, but also the least profitable long-run solution to using PLR products. Why? Other people would have also purchased the same PLR product. Most people who buy the rights are lazy and want to "flip" the product as soon as possible without much work on their part. If you’re one of the first to secure the PLR rights to any particular product, and you can set-up a complete marketing site in record time, you can make money easily. But eventually more people will sell the same product, and always at a ridiculously low price. Therefore, as time goes by you have more competition and your product is not unique. The people who sell PLR usually have some kind of limit on the amount of customers, as well as the selling price. Beware of those who don’t set these limits, as the PLR products they sell could have already been over-marketed. However, if you completely change the product name, inject the sales site with fresh new graphics, and add your own content to the original PLR product, you may just be able to stand apart from the rest and continue selling it as a stand-alone offer for years to come. 2) Create Membership Sites Membership sites are hot because of their potential to generate a stream of residual income, especially sites that charge for monthly content. On average, a new member can stay one for up to 10 months, which means that you can actually sell access for a lower price and yet achieve maximum revenue per customer. If you already have an existing membership sites, PLR products can also help you ease the burden of finding new content for your members. Most PLR products are flexible enough that you are allowed to split, combine or remake the product into small content pieces. For example, if you bought 20 PLR ebooks, you can always give your members one ebook a month, for 20 months. Or you can split up each ebook into a series of smaller "reports" and send it to your members monthly. If you are creative, you can do a lot of things with PLR! 3) Sell Them as DVDs or Seminar Material This is a great idea simply because most people will not do it. This option is much more difficult to do then selling online, depending on your background and experience of course. However, if you are confident about producing DVDs and shipping them, this is a golden opportunity. Most people prefer the product to be in a DVD, especially if it’s a series of video tutorials, or if the file size is way too big. You can use the excellent production and mailing service by Kunaki (.kunaki..) to automate production of DVDs and delivery. They work on a "print-to-order" basis, so you will not have to stockpile hundreds of DVDs at home. If you run your own seminars, then you can use PLR videos to "automate" your event. Instead of trying to cover too much in a short time, you can focus on the most important information, and give the rest of the material to your participants in the form of a DVD. For example, if you teach people how to create a blog and make money online, it’s very difficult for you to provide them with hands-on coaching during a one-day seminar. If you purchase PLR products (screen cam videos), then you can just pack all the videos into a DVD and focus instead of teaching the concepts and theories of blogging. Using PLR products is really easy if you know what you’re doing, and if your PLR provider makes an effort to keep all material up to date. Stay away from one-time deals unless you want to repair the product yourself when it’s broken. Most probably, even the website where you bought the PLR product will no longer be around. That’s why it’s important to look for great sources of PLR products, PLR videos and PLR membership sites. Continuous development and support of the original PLR items is very important. These are things most people take for granted, and ignoring it will likely cause you to fail before you can even get started. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: