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Baidu map new year advertising poke in many people’s pain points – Science and technology Sohu (WeChat Road north public lubei2014 operators) the Spring Festival holiday quietly in the past, each big brand marketing occasion also temporarily come to an end. During the Spring Festival in Hunan TV broadcast and the major video sites Baidu map series of commercials, with "heart" one hit the user pain points, not only focus, also extends the view to the daily life of ordinary people more widely, causing the industry concern. At the same time, in the domestic mobile phone market 7:2:1 map gradually clear, continued to lead the Google map, from the show "tall" technical strength to "down to earth" aimed at the user’s emotion and experience also has the enlightenment significance. Baidu maps during the Spring Festival put in a series of commercials, were designed using three scenarios for users to map a APP like experience, and all the products into the characteristics of Baidu map real-time traffic function to help users know early ". Three scenarios can cause the most comprehensive coverage of the issue of the spring Chinese resonance years ago, and years later, most people "living a headache" caused by traffic jams to work late for the meeting and work late for an appointment by. From the user’s experience of the scene, Baidu maps very understanding of users. This includes not only the user knows home reunion home in the Spring Festival, but also know in daily life due to traffic problems caused by late embarrassment. Compared with other Chinese New Year celebration in pursuit of lively atmosphere, or to win the customers "Le" or "cry" advertising and marketing, Baidu map series of commercials to reach a wider range of living environment, so the practical significance is far beyond the three branch of the total length of a minute commercials. If the user pain points and realistic problems is to grasp the rational appeal of advertisement, then into the hot element is from the perceptual to meet the audience’s expectations and the pursuit of aesthetic. The monkey in the traditional culture itself is very lovable, and monkey king this powerful "IP" which is the cultural accumulation, it is not difficult to conclude that the audience is to capture any elements about a monkey in brand advertising, and others with relish. The next test for advertisers is how to choose and use the monkey elements in marketing, is looking forward to or beyond simply meet audience expectation, aesthetic orientation and even lead the audience? The advertisement marketing of Baidu maps chose the audience to surprise". Three commercials are joined by a fusion of traditional art, through time and space, let the audience’s image by Mahatma find everything fresh and new, Peking Opera master Qiu Shengrong’s grandson, Jo Qiu Jirong as artist. He was a neat appearance of Peking Opera, accurate grasp of Monkey King’s spirit of every rhythm, but beyond the traditional monkey image. Many young viewers said that this play, with special interpretation of Peking opera singing face the magic of the advertising language is very handsome, very vivid story. From this point, the aesthetic tendency conveyed by the Baidu map ads also take heart ". As a kind of map APP serving people’s travel demand, it has a close relationship with users from birth. It looks like ice.

百度地图新年广告 戳中了多少人的痛点-搜狐科技   文 路北(微信公众号lubei2014运营者)   春节假期悄然过去,各大品牌的借势营销也暂时告一段落。春节期间在湖南卫视及各大视频网站播出的百度地图系列广告片,凭借“走心”一箭准确击中了用户的痛点,不仅聚焦春运,也把视角延伸到更广泛的老百姓日常生活问题,引起业界的关注。同时,在国内手机地图市场7:2:1格局逐渐清晰后,持续领跑的百度地图,从彰显“高大上”技术实力到“接地气”瞄准用户情感和体验的转变也具有启示意义。   百度地图在春节期间投放的系列广告片,分别设计了三个场景下用户对于地图类APP的使用体验,并全部融入了百度地图实时路况功能帮助用户“早知早到”的产品特性。三个场景全面覆盖年前最能引起中国人共鸣的春运问题,以及年后最让都市生活的人们“头疼”的因交通堵塞而造成的上班开会迟到和下班约会迟到困扰。      从用户的场景化体验角度讲,百度地图非常懂用户。这不仅包括懂得用户在新春佳节回家团聚的归心似箭,也包括懂得日常生活中因交通问题而带来的迟到尴尬。相比其他只追求过年热闹欢庆气氛,或是只愿博得用户“一乐”或“一哭”的广告营销来说,百度地图的系列广告片触达了更为广泛的生活环境,因此现实意义也远远超出了三支总时长不过一分钟的广告片。   如果说对用户痛点和现实问题的把握是广告营销的理性诉求,那么热点元素的融入就是从感性上满足受众的期待和对审美的追求。猴在传统文化中本身就十分讨喜,加之美猴王这个强大“IP”所蕴含的文化积淀,不难得出这样的结论:受众就是想在品牌广告中捕捉到任何关于猴的元素,并与他人津津乐道。接下来对于广告主的考验就是,如何在营销中选择和使用猴元素,是单纯满足期待还是超出受众期待,甚至引领受众的审美导向?   百度地图的广告营销选择了让受众“出其不意”。三支广告片均加入了一个融合传统艺术、穿越时空而来的,让受众耳目一新的大圣形象,由京剧裘派大师裘盛戎嫡孙、跨界艺术家裘继戎饰演。他一身利落的京剧扮相,一板一眼精准把握美猴王的神韵,却又超出人们对于传统齐天大圣形象的印象。许多年轻观众表示,这个扮着花脸、用京剧唱腔演绎特别魔性的广告语的大圣很帅、很传神。从这一点上讲,百度地图广告片中所传达的审美倾向也比较“走心”。      作为服务于人们出行需求的地图类APP,其实从一诞生就与用户产生了紧密的联系。看似冰冷的高科技工具必须做到有温度、有情怀,才能真正打动用户。在将O2O实体服务入口全面导入手机地图的战略开展之后,百度地图如何更好地实现连接人与服务便成为了重要课题。在手机地图7-2-1的格局逐渐稳固后,百度地图的这一次从技术实力营销都走心营销的转变,对于想要做到“让科技更好服务于人”的品牌,都具有借鉴价值。   对于整个品牌营销界来说,如何不被指标、数字、市场份额“捆绑”,而是更贴近用户所需,更深刻和打动人心,是十分重要的。相关的主题文章: