Jiangxi Hall official illegal to take 106 first-class cabin in Hong Kong is to see his wife and daug-stanley博士的家2

Jiangxi Hall official 106 times it is illegal to take first-class cabin in Hong Kong and Jiangxi to see more of the latest anti-corruption news original title: Jiangxi, 106 it is illegal to take first-class cabin to Hong Kong to see his wife and daughter in Jiangxi informed the number 14, the Jiangxi Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection discipline bulletin 4 from the typical problems, cadres in violation of the spirit of the central eight provisions among them, 1 cadres illegal to fly first-class cabin 106 times. The 4 typical problems that have been notified are: Jiangxi quality and Technical Supervision Bureau former party secretary, director Wang Yong illegal use of office space, accepting "red packets" and other issues. The investigation, since 2008, Wang Yong illegal use of an area of 110 square meters of office space (by the conference room, office, bedroom of three parts), and the introduction of the central eight provisions still refused to rectification, until April 2015 before moving to the meeting room office, but the office and bedroom are from December 9, 2012 to 13; day, Wang Yong and other 3 people in the name of official visits to go to Hongkong to see his wife and daughter, a total cost of 199 thousand and 700 yuan; from 2013 to 2014, Wang Yongxian received after the quality supervision system of cadres and other 22 gifts totaling 304 thousand and 600 yuan, $1 thousand, and the illegal by plane first-class cabin 106 times. Peng Zezhou, former Secretary of the Party committee and director of the Bureau of Geology and mineral resources of Jiangxi Province, made illegal use of office buildings and public funds for tourism. The investigation, November 2012, Peng Zezhou will be meeting room area of 211.21 square meters of office and reception room, and even as one by its use, and the introduction of the central eight provisions, only in the office to separate an area of 19.21 square meters of storage, and continue from the May 27, 2015 to 30; day, Peng Zezhou led to the provincial official inspection after the end of a line of 5 people came to the scenic spot to play, and play the part of public funds for reimbursement of expenses. Liao Xiaoling, former member of the Party committee and deputy director of Jiangxi provincial defense science and engineering office, was equipped with official vehicles and other problems. During the investigation, Liao Xiaoling served as deputy mayor of Xinyu Municipal Committee, municipal government deputy secretary of the party, and in the official vehicles equipped with the situation in November 2011 required in charge of its subordinate enterprises to buy a TOYOTA Highlander SUV (including insurance, licensing and other expenses totaling 399 thousand yuan) for its use, until March 2015, the car will be returned. In the meantime, Liao Xiaoling in the subordinate enterprise reimbursement vehicle use fee, travel expenses and so on a total of 27 yuan. Zhou Lin, former member of Nanchang municipal Party committee and former Secretary of West Lake district Party committee, illegally accepts "red packets" and other issues. After investigation, the Party of eighteen, Zhou Lin served during the Wanli District Party committee secretary, Party Secretary of West Lake, has received subordinate units of 5 cadres gifts totaling 161 thousand yuan. From May 2015 to July, when Zhou Lin attended the training course in other places, he refused to take the first class flight and reimbursed the first class air ticket for 20 times. Bulletin pointed out that the above 4 provincial cadres because of serious violation of discipline, suspected of being expelled from the party, dismissed from public office and other sanctions, and there are serious violations of the central eight provisions of mental problems. It shows that the problem of style is not trivial, and discipline and illegal activities are just a step away

江西一厅官违规乘坐头等舱106次 实为赴港看妻女 更多江西最新反腐倡廉新闻   原标题:江西一局长违规乘坐头等舱106次 实为赴港看妻女    江西通报多起违纪问题   江西省纪委14日通报4起省管干部违反中央八项规定精神的典型问题,其中1名干部违规乘坐飞机头等舱106次。   这4起被通报的典型问题分别是:   江西省质量技术监督局原党组书记、局长王詠违规使用办公用房、收受“红包”等问题。经查,2008年以来,王詠违规使用面积达110平方米的办公用房(由会议室、办公室、卧室三部分组成),且在中央八项规定出台后仍拒不整改,直至2015年4月才搬到会议室办公,但原办公室和卧室仍由其使用;2012年12月9日至13日,王詠等3人以公务考察名义去香港看望其妻女,共发生费用19.97万元;2013年至2014年,王詠先后收受质监系统干部等22人礼金共计30.46万元、美元0.1万元,且违规乘坐飞机头等舱106次。   江西省地矿局原党委书记、局长彭泽洲违规使用办公用房、公款旅游等问题。经查,2012年11月,彭泽洲将面积达211.21平方米的会议室改造为办公室和会客室,并连为一体由其使用,且在中央八项规定出台后,仅在其办公室隔出一个面积为19.21平方米储藏间,并继续由其使用;2015年5月27日至30日,彭泽洲带队到外省公务考察结束后,一行5人专程到多处景区游玩,并公款报销部分游玩费用。   江西省国防科工办原党组成员、副主任廖晓凌违规配备使用公务用车等问题。经查,廖晓凌担任新余市委常委、市政府党组副书记、副市长期间,在已配备公务用车的情况下,于2011年11月要求其分管的下属企业购买了一辆丰田汉兰达 越野车(含保险、上牌等费用共计39.9万元)供其使用,直至2015年3月将该车退还。其间,廖晓凌在下属企业报销车辆使用费、差旅费等共计27万余元。   南昌市委原委员、西湖区委原书记周林违规收受“红包”等问题。经查,党的十八大后,周林担任湾里区委书记、西湖区委书记期间,先后收受下属单位5名干部礼金共计16.1万元。2015年5月至7月,周林在外地参加培训班学习期间,违规乘坐飞机头等舱往返并报销头等舱机票20次。   通报指出,以上4名省管干部因严重违纪涉嫌违法受到开除党籍、开除公职等处分,且均存在严重违反中央八项规定精神问题。表明,作风问题不是小事,违纪与违法只是一步之遥,党纪意识的松懈就是触犯国法底线的开端,党员领导干部腐败堕落往往是从不正之风、享乐奢靡开始,从“四风”上打开缺口。据新华社相关的主题文章: