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The little mermaid Gianna Jun put 100 yuan Hoodie this drama little surprise lead: not too much because of the character Gianna Jun, Lee Min Ho and the high-profile drama "legend" Blue Ocean has this week launched two sets, 16.4% easily crush other drama ratings. The play tells the story of the last mermaid on earth in extinction met City talent liar, to adapt to a series of stories happened in the process of terrestrial life. (content from: ONLYLADY women’s record) drama "Blue Ocean legend," the small series of two shows that this does not go according to the routine! As the main female duckling men as "mother", the male is full of money does not love the lord…… And that the "eighth sets of Korean law kiss on-line" by the two bits in the second set break, let the audience by surprise. The new small surprises in the first episode, Krystal Zheng Xiujing surprise cameo, although Lee Min Ho finished up and run, but still let you forget about her beauty spirit. Zheng Xiujing Zheng Xiujing guested on a surprise guest airline stewardess airline stewardess, but add up to two minutes to appear in the play. Small make up to her face really small! Zheng Xiujing in the play although she is only 22 years old, but had been acting in training many TV "old drama of bone, acting more mature ing. And another surprise is that Lee Min Ho is thin!!! Some time ago a fat pie in the face of Lee Min Ho, once let the audience a handsome flowers disappear sadly sigh. In this play, Lee Min Ho finally thin back! Lee Min Ho in "the legend of the blue sea" a lot of people on the first impression of Lee Min Ho is the pattern of men, the protagonist of the handsome table. The mystery of the hair now looks slightly intoxicating Na, but did not stop Lee Min Ho exudes the smell of overbearing president. Lee Min Ho is not the type of face, but when thin gas field is very strong, with long legs and handsome invincible. Lee Min Ho occasionally sell Meng kinda cute. Lee Min Ho sell adorable however, one day, we suddenly found that Lee Min Ho became so fat: fat: fat Lee Min Ho Lee Min Ho that Lee Min Ho had said in the interview, because his liver is not good, sometimes very serious edema. Whether it is really bloated or really fat, and now Lee Min Ho adjusted the state of the body, properly thin back. Have to say, all the actors are losing players, but also in the body because the eyes of others under tremendous pressure. Lee Min Ho thin down Lee Min Ho Yan value back to the peak, so many fans fell in love with him. Lee Min Ho in "the legend of the blue sea" looked up and handsome, the whole person’s temperament is increasingly mature. Lee Min Ho and Gianna Jun hope that men do not have too much pressure, have a good attitude and a healthy body! The goddess wearing one hundred yuan hoodies, Lee Min Ho fell in love with Chinese leap? After the first two episodes, many people love the most was Gianna Jun dressed in men’s big Hoody appearance, simple and sexy. Gianna Jun in the play in the men’s big Hoodie BEAKER brand hoody, unexpectedly sub相关的主题文章: