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Chengdu after the purchase of the property market unpopular: on-site sales offices to write IOUs to buy a house – Hainan window – eleven holiday, let sinus Miss deepest feelings is the core topic of discussion with her parents finally is no longer what time to get married, but "if I wanted to buy a house". One bedroom near the northern city of Victoria last year in the Miss sinus bought this year rose very much, this is a happy thing, but in all the talk about prices anxious, she was hesitant to immediately change a big house. "My boyfriend and September two people together to discuss how Daoteng money can change a big house in Beijing. Can suanlaisuanqu found enough money." During the National Day holiday, she returned home to Qingdao with her boyfriend, found a house by the sea for several months exceeded 30 thousand yuan, urban housing prices are close to 20 thousand yuan, a city to complete the "short-term dream house" has been difficult to achieve. Sinus anxiety shows that people face the general mentality of soaring housing prices. This "eleven", a new message, every day there are market regulation drums intensive, drums, it gets in your house footsteps? A variety of prices because of the emotional health has been alleviated? Tianjin foreign buyers last month to reduce half of the Wuqing House Tour Shopping helpless to change the morning of October 2nd, the haze has not yet dispersed, Xiao Bing and snow or the couple planned to drive to Wuqing 50 kilometers away. Starting from their home in Tianjin lake, Dongli, northwest, from the outer ring of Beijing Tianjin Expressway, more than and 20 minutes to the town of Florence. Stroll down most of the day after, they drove in a circle in Wuqing. Interested in real estate is still there, but they can not buy. Two days ago, the National Day eve, Beijing and Tianjin almost simultaneously announced a new purchase limited credit policy, opened the national drama market regulation a day. Among them, Tianjin resorted to the migrant population in Tianjin and Wuqing City, the purchase of 2 sets of rules, the Xiao Bing block in the Tianjin property market outside the house tour also forced into shopping. Xiao Bing and his wife are Beijing residence, be stationed in Tianjin, the couple have two years ago in the suburbs of Tianjin Dongli district to buy a house, a house in the Dongli Lake Scenic Area on the edge, standing in the living room window, fundus is a large open water. Can not afford the prices let Xiao Bing abandoned the idea of Beijing home. Last year, he lived in the district and the acquisition of a 70 square meters of small Huxing, then the price but more than 6000 yuan, this year has risen to the top of the 10 thousand, nearly doubled. This suite in the delivery of hundreds of thousands of Shoufu, with snow accumulation fund loan. The soldiers did not fund the use of funds, so third Suites investment plan on the agenda. They put their eyes on the Beijing Tianjin garden, said the Wuqing. Had also visited Wuqing several times, they found closer to Beijing, Wuqing will benefit from the integration of Beijing, Tianjin and hebei. Sudden restriction policies disrupted their plans, but did not give up the idea of buying a house to buy a small soldier. As for the impact of the purchase, he said, he does not care about short-term price changes, but he will not add leverage to buy a house, that is, provident fund loans, does not affect life. "Buy a suite on that, the equivalent of savings". Economic Development Zone in Dongli District相关的主题文章: