The National Day holiday, the province’s 3 less sunny and rainy sunny temperature return to 30 DEG C 音羽かなで

The National Day holiday, the province’s 3 less sunny and rainy sunny temperature return to 30 degrees yesterday morning today morning coat is short, must travel. Hazy and wind blowing, today the temperature of Wuhan echoed in the 16-18 C, only 18.3 of the highest temperature, better than yesterday and a drop of nearly 5 degrees. The center of gravity in the southeast of Hubei Province, yesterday to 16 today, the southeast of Hubei in the middle to heavy rain, local heavy rain to heavy rain, such as Huangmei, Wuxue, more than 100 mm heavy rain. Wind and rain dance, the province has a temperature of 5-7 degrees Celsius decline. The 30 day, the rain eased, northeastern Hubei small to moderate rain, Southeast Hubei, Jianghan Plain, cloudy with light rain, other areas cloudy to cloudy, but the north wind is still 3 to 4, gusts of 5 to 6, high temperature is still low, the 23-26 Eastern 20-22 c c. Wuhan City cloudy with light to moderate rain, 16-20 degrees Celsius, the temperature is still low, we pay attention to keep warm. But after the storm is the National Day holiday we look forward to. Wuhan meteorological center chief forecaster Wang Xiaoling said that because of the typhoon "catfish" and cold air, wind cooling until October 2nd completely ended, the main impact of the eastern region, with weak precipitation on 1-2 October; No. 18 typhoon has been formed, but in the National Day period in our province did not affect the weather, 3 days later most of the province’s sunny to cloudy, temperature 18-31. These two weather temperature is low, does it mean that has entered the fall? Wuhan regional climate center expert Wan Suqin explained that the weather for 5 days the average temperature is not higher than 22 DEG is autumn. The average time of Hubei Province in autumn September 24th, late October 7th, early September 10th. From the current situation, these two days the temperature will be lower, but the latter will rise due to a national, so Hubei province is in this round of cooling in this autumn remains to be seen. However, Wang Xiaoling said, is expected to heat up after the festival will not occur in a wide range of hot weather, the maximum temperature is expected to be around 30 degrees celsius. (reporter Chen Xi) the forecast of Hubei province 1: cloudy in Jianghan plain area and east of the light rain, other areas cloudy, temperature 16-25 2: the Eastern Western cloudy with showers, cloudy, temperature 17-28 3-6: the province of sunny to cloudy in the morning, local fog, temperature 18-31 on the 7 day: cloudy, local western the Eastern rain, sunny to cloudy, temperature 18-30 Wuhan City, the 1 day: cloudy with light rain, temperature 17-24 2 day: cloudy with showers short, temperature 18-26 3-7 day: sunny to cloudy, temperature 19-30相关的主题文章: