The Security Council will hold a third round of intent vote on the selection of the Secretary Genera carmex润唇膏

The selection of the Secretary General of the United Nations Security Council held the third round of voting intention – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, the United Nations in August 29 Xinhua (reporter Ni Hongmei history Xiaomeng) 10 candidates for the next 29 days the Security Council of the United Nations Secretary General of the intention to vote, this is to determine the Security Council secretary-general of the third such vote. The Security Council presidency this month, Malaysia’s permanent representative to the UN ramlang?? Ibrahim told United Nations Headquarters media in brief about the news. Like the previous two, he did not disclose the results of the vote. There are three options for "encouragement", "no encouragement" and "no opinion" after each candidate’s name. According to diplomatic sources, in the third round of intent to vote, the former United Nations High Commissioner for refugees Guterres continued to lead. Under the Charter of the United Nations, the Secretary General must first be recommended by the Security Council and then appointed by the general assembly. The 15 members of the Security Council, a candidate to obtain all 5 permanent members of the Security Council and at least 4 non permanent members of the Security Council support to be elected, thus play a key role in the selection process, and the 5 permanent members of the role is irreplaceable. At last, in 2006 the Secretary General of the selection process, the Security Council adopted closed door consultations and the 4 round of voting intention to determine the post, when he was officially nominated South Korean Foreign Minister Ban Ki-moon, former Secretary general. General Assembly subsequently formally appointed in the form of resolution. Ban Ki-moon’s term will expire at the end of this year, the candidates for the recommendation, the selection of the new secretary of the campaign began to expand by the end of last year. The Security Council was held in July 21st and in two rounds of intention to vote in August 5th, did not announce the results of the vote. With the former foreign minister Psic of Croatia and Montenegro Deputy Prime Minister and foreign minister Luksic this month has announced withdrawal, a total of 10 candidates, including Guterres, former foreign minister Jerzy Ray Mitch of Serbia, Argentina’s foreign minister Malcorra, director general of UNESCO Bokova, former president of Slovenia Turck, UNDP administrator Clark, former Foreign Minister of Moldova Gherman, former foreign minister Krim, Macedonian foreign minister Lechak of Slovakia and former UN climate chief Figueres.相关的主题文章: